Working Groups

To help us organize our planning, we recently established a number of working groups charged with considering specific aspects of the School’s plan to reopen. Though some of this work is discrete, many of the issues we will need to consider have implications that will affect several parts of our operation. The chairs of these groups will be in regular communication with one another to ensure that our plan is coordinated and consistent across all aspects of The Bishop’s School.

List of 11 items.

  • Cleaning, Disinfecting, Supplies and Equipment

    Michael Beamer and Brian Williams (Chairs) with Susie Fournier, Pamela Duffy, and Sheilah Hernandez
    This group will develop, communicate and implement a plan to clean, sanitize, disinfect or sterilize the Bishop’s campus in order to keep all community members safe and healthy. Additionally, they will assess the equipment and supplies needs of Bishop’s in light of the current pandemic. They will then work to procure any supplies or equipment that they determine the School needs. Finally, this group will develop and implement policies for the Bishop’s community regarding what PPE will be required for all community members depending on their role on campus. 
  • Co-curricular and Extracurricular Programs

    David Thompson (Chair) with Joel Allen, Nicole Simopoulos-Pigato, Grade Level Sponsors, Michelle Shea, Performing Arts Department, Dean of Students, Jacqueline Gomez, David Moseley, Michael Beamer
    This group is tasked with designing rich, robust co-curricular and extracurricular programs for the Bishop’s community in an environment shaped by physical distancing, lower on-campus density and other public health requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Communication

    Keri Peckham (Chair) with Pamela Duffy, Ron Kim, Kim Cooper, Brian Ogden, Harlan Klein, Susie Fournier, Megan Broderick, Janice Murabayashi, Michael Beamer
    This group will develop and implement a communication plan for all School constituencies that is consistent, comprehensive, predictable and reliable. The plan should incorporate the use of various modalities and be consistent in message throughout.
  • Community Training

    Harlan Klein and Brian Ogden (Chairs) with Sheilah Hernandez, Susie Fournier, Dean of Students, Brian Williams, Michael Beamer
    This group will develop and implement a comprehensive plan for training all community members (employees, students, families and visitors). The plan will incorporate both the School’s required periodic training of employees as well as training on topics related to the COVID-19. The purpose of the training is to ensure that all community members understand new policies, procedures and safety measures in place in response to the pandemic that pertain to them. 
  • Day Care

    Pamela Duffy (Chair) with Debra Schnarr, Amy Edwards, Susie Fournier, Brian Williams, Michael Beamer
    This group will develop policies and procedures which are unique to the Bishop’s day care facility. Additionally, they will consider the capacity of the day care under the requirements established by public health authorities as well as any potential staffing needs. 
  • Dining Services

    Pamela Duffy (Chair) with Sara Sweet, Susie Fournier, Michael Beamer
    This group will develop and implement a plan for how to safely and effectively deliver milk break and lunch to Bishop’s students and employees given the restrictions that physical distancing and public health guidelines require. 
  • Facility Zoning, Physical Distancing, and Facility Modifications

    Brian Williams (Chair) with Pamela Duffy, Janice Murabayashi, Susie Fournier, Tony Trumbo, Michael Beamer
    This group will focus their attention on how to create physical separation of individuals on the Bishop’s campus. Specifically, this group will determine the viability of creating different zones on campus to reduce the potential for exposure to and by individuals in other zones. Additionally, this group will look at workspaces, classrooms and common areas on campus and develop a plan for traffic control (one-way hallways, access points to campus, etc.) to ensure that individuals on campus can maintain safe physical distancing from others. Finally, this group will determine what modifications need to be made on campus to ensure the safety of all individuals (plexiglass shields, touchless door handles, touchless sinks, etc.).
  • Policies and Procedures

    Michael Beamer (Chair) with Sheilah Hernandez, Susie Fournier, Brian Williams, Dean of Students
    This group will work closely with other COVID-19 working groups to develop and communicate policies and procedures the School requires in response to the current pandemic. 
  • Schedule, Calendar, and Academic Continuity

    Janice Murabayashi (Chair) with Brian Ogden, Harlan Klein, Tony Trumbo, Michael Beamer
    This group is tasked with designing an academic schedule and school calendar for the Bishop’s community that will maximize students’ learning experience in an environment shaped by physical distancing and other public health requirements in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Screening, Hygiene, Medical, and Mental Health Support

    Susie Fournier (Chair) with Megan Broderick, Brian Williams, Sheilah Hernandez, Jason Charlebois, Michael Beamer
    This group will design and implement a plan that considers the well-being of all members of the Bishop’s community and will develop screening policies and procedures for all individuals seeking access to the Bishop’s campus and how those individuals will be monitored once on campus. This group will also develop protocols in the event that a member of the community tests positive for, or develops symptoms of, COVID-19. Those protocols will include how the School can best isolate potential cases and then begin the process of contact tracing. Finally, this group will make recommendations for any additional medical or mental health support, education or training (on good hygiene, for example) that the community may require. 
  • Transportation

    Pamela Duffy (Chair) with Amy Edwards, Pat Clowney, Joel Allen, Michael Beamer
    This group will design and implement a plan for students who use Bishop’s transportation to travel to and from school safely. Consideration of physical distancing and screening requirements for all students in Bishop’s buses and vans will be at the center of their work.
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