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Student Life

one student puts face paint on another student as a third student smiles at the camera

Student Well-Being

Support Services

The Support Services Team provides services to students, faculty and the Bishop's community to promote self-understanding, to develop interpersonal relationships, and to hone problem-solving and decision-making skills. The team offers counseling, developmental guidance and referrals as necessary. Our purpose is to assist students to grow personally, socially, emotionally and academically.

Student Activities & Leadership


In any given year on campus, there are a variety of student-led clubs on campus. Some focus on helping others, such as Refugee Relief and Global Citizens Club, while others focus on shared interests, such as Knitting Club and Minecraft Club. Club members learn what it takes to work together for an important cause, rally support, and sometimes just have fun.

Affinity Spaces

Affinity spaces cultivate a sense of belonging for people of a shared identity. They are open to all, and conversation centers on the specified shared identity through discussion and cultural celebration. We have affinity spaces centered around racial identities and religious identities. Diversity collectives are spaces where people of various intersectional identities and interests come together to work toward a common goal.

Student Leadership


Bishop’s offers retreats for each grade level. Each experience is different and tailored with students' ages in mind. We retreat at the beginning of the school year because it is a great time to focus on non-academic experiences and help students bond with each other and with their teachers. The concentrated time together outside of the classroom allows students to show a different side of themselves. Shared time together also helps students develop closer and deeper connections with their peers. Positive relationships have been shown to reduce the level of anxiety and depression that people may feel. In addition, time in nature has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety

In our experience, everyone who participates in our retreats returns to campus with a deeper, better sense of those around them and a renewed enthusiasm for school!