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Upper School Curriculum

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This course explores limits, derivatives and integrals through, whenever possible, applications and problem solving.

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Honors Calculus BC

This is a college-level course on differential and integral calculus including power series and topics, such as the calculus of polar graphs that go beyond the scope of the AB syllabus.

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Mathematics 3 Enriched

Math 3E is problem-centered, but is more demanding than Math 3, considering a greater number of problem types, moving at a faster pace, and providing less instruction and support before homework on any given topic is assigned.

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Mathematics 4 Enriched

The unifying subjects for this course of advanced algebra and geometry are straight lines and the figures they produce − polygons and polyhedra.

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Precalculus Core

This course prepares students for the Calculus course by continuing the concepts from Core Mathematics 5 through the study of functions and logarithms.

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