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Community Service

two students stand on stage presenting to a panel of judges and audience

Our Episcopal identity underscores our commitment to empathy and compassion. Community service is an established tradition and integral part of The Bishop's School. Our program empowers students to identify their unique gifts, interests and passions, and discern how they can seek to love and serve our neighbors as ourselves.

Bishop's Community Service Program emphasizes consistent relationship building and mindful reflection, and is customized by each student based on their personal passion. 

Upper school students must complete 80 hours of service − nearly all students go well past the required hours. Over the last two years, upper school students spent more than 46,000 hours in their communities.

Students develop and execute various on-campus, local and worldwide projects individually, as well as with clubs, sports teams, advisory groups and classes. Students reflect upon their role in the wider community, the interdependence of communities and our common humanity.


Students work regularly with service organizations of their choice that connect with their interests and passions. Throughout the school year, students document these experiences through the service application, a unique and personal platform to reflect on the meaning of their experience and chart the growth of their service over time. 

Social innovation Competition

Bishop’s Social Innovation Competition allows students to identify a problem in the world and develop a new, creative solution or invention to solve it. The Social Innovation Competition is not intended to create a business: The goal is to create an innovation that will work toward solving a societal issue (past projects have focused on homelessness, climate change, etc.). This competition encourages the next generation to use their creative minds to better the world.