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College Counseling

the senior class wears college sweatshirts on bentham steps

Bishop’s college counselors guide and support students and their families from junior course selection through the college search and application process. College counselors meet with the ninth and tenth grade classes during enrichments and offer evening programs for parents in the winter. Individual meetings with students and parents begin during the spring of sophomore year to discuss junior year course options and to develop a working relationship for the years ahead.

The annual fall college night program introduces families to the college search and selection process in their junior year. Each junior and their parents meet with their college counselor early in the second semester to discuss the student's interests and needs, and to create an initial list of colleges for the student to research. Students and parents continue to work closely with the college counselors through graduation.

The college counselors serve as knowledgeable guides, sounding boards and strong advocates for students and their families as they explore a range of colleges and universities, apply to schools and make the final decision of where to attend.

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