Athletics at Bishop’s is first a teaching arena, where team play reflects our fundamental standard – emphasizing integrity, honor and respect for others – and where participation is a measure of pride. Sixty percent of Bishop's students are involved in our athletic programs. Bishop's Middle School offers 19 teams and the upper school has 40 teams.
At all levels, faculty-coaches set the tone, fostering a love for fitness, joy in the challenge and teams that turn synergy into championship athletics. We recognize the courage it takes to step up to that first at-bat. We honor fair play. And we applaud athletes who gracefully balance sports with academics and their many other obligations throughout the day.

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  • Joel Allen 

    Director of Athletics
    (858) 875-0850
    San Diego Christian College - B.S.
  • Jason Charlebois 

    Athletic Trainer
    (858) 875-0808
  • Al Gomez 

    Athletics Facilities And Game Operations Manager
    (858) 875-0824
  • Janice Hester 

    Executive Administrative Assistant, Athletic Department
    (858) 875-0830
  • Charles Johnson 

    Physical Education and Health, Strength and Conditioning
    (858) 875-0779
    Boston University - B.S.
    Boston University - M.Ed.
  • Andy Koczon 

    Assistant Athletics Director
    (858) 875-0833
    University of Colorado, Boulder - B.A.
    Rutgers University, New Brunswick - M.A.
    Rutgers University, New Brunswick - ABD Ph.D.
  • Nick Levine 

    Middle School Athletic Director
    Ohio Wesleyan University - B.A.
    Concordia University - M.A.
  • Marlon Wells 

    Athletics Assistant And Middle School Game Operations Coordinator
    (858) 875-0839

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