Head of School Search

After becoming engaged to be married, Aimeclaire Roche, Bishop's Head of School since 2009, announced that she will leave the West Coast at the conclusion of the 2017-2018 academic year. 

The Board of Trustees will oversee the head of school search process as outlined in our bylaws and has appointed a Head of School Search Committee. The committee is chaired by Barbara Edwards ’84 (Hank ’15 and Caroline ’16). The committee, comprised of 12 members, represents the School’s different constituencies: administrators, alumni, board, faculty and parents. Members are committed to the School’s mission and the search process. Individual selection criteria included independent and critical thinking, relevant experience and compatibility within a group. The committee includes six alumni, four current and four past parents, four educators and seven who either led or served on a prior search committee. 

Letters to the Community

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  • A Message from the Head of School Aimeclaire Roche

    August 11, 2017

    Dear Bishop’s Community,
    This summer, the faculty and I have studied the work of an inspiring author on education, Parker Palmer. Palmer’s educational philosophy is grounded in a deep respect for both the teacher’s and learner’s innermost sense-of-self and goes hand-in-glove with our work on student-centered learning, where we honor the integrity and perspective of each learner at the table.
    In one of his essays Palmer writes, “Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.” Palmer’s statement is front-of-mind as I share the happy news that I have become engaged. My fiancé and I are thrilled and ready for a new chapter, listening to life telling us – not who each of us is individually but – who we together are.
    With this important personal decision, though, comes another, professional one. After eight proud years, I have decided to make this coming academic year, 2017 - 2018, my last as Bishop’s Head of School. Both my fiancé and I call the East Coast home, and we have decided to return next summer and begin our new chapter in closer proximity to both our families there.
    It has been my unparalleled privilege to be Bishop’s Head of School. I was called to and have come to love Bishop’s because of its rich history, its founding and contemporary life in the Episcopal tradition, and its commitment to academic and co-curricular excellence. With the tireless help of colleagues, we have accomplished much over the last eight years. The initiatives most meaningful to me are ones that have continued to enhance the daily experience of students, teachers and staff; that have allowed a venerable school to be a relevant voice in a contemporary, national dialogue on educational best practice; and that have ensured the School’s continued fiscal strength and lasting sustainability. Bishop’s is a thriving, exceptional school, poised well for its own next chapter, and I am forever marked by the professionalism and deep care shown to me by its board and the Bishop’s community of faculty, staff, students, alumni and their families.
    Please know the Bishop’s Board of Trustees and I will ensure the smooth transition to new leadership, as well as the continued success and forward trajectory of all our programs. Having thrived here, I want nothing less for my fortunate successor, who will continue to support and uniquely enhance the School’s tradition of educational excellence. A head of school search process will begin to unfold over the next weeks and months. Annette Bradbury, the president of our board of trustees, will keep the community abreast of the process.
    In the interim, another great school year, full of promise and adventure, is upon us. I look forward to this coming year with you, and I am as ready as ever to enjoy every day on the Bishop’s campus. Thank you for your happiness for me as I look to chart new personal and professional paths next summer and always for the honor and joy of serving The Bishop’s School.
    Most sincerely,
    Aimeclaire Roche
    Head of School
  • A Message from Board of Trustees President Annette Bradbury

    August 11, 2017

    Dear Bishop’s Community,
    I write on behalf of the board of trustees to both congratulate our Head of School Aimeclaire Roche on her happy personal news and to express our sincere gratitude to her for all that she and colleagues have accomplished since her arrival at Bishop’s in 2009. While we are sad to see AC leave our community, we understand and respect her desire to chart new personal and professional paths at the end of this coming academic year, bringing her tenure with us to a close after nine remarkable years. AC does so with the board’s great admiration and gratitude for her professionalism and care of the School.
    Under AC’s leadership Bishop’s has grown and thrived in countless areas. We have addressed myriad day-to-day needs of the community and completed the strategic plan approved by the board of trustees in 2012. Other important achievements include:
    • Enhancing racial, ethnic and socio-economic diversity of matriculants with programs for diversity, equity and inclusion, both in support of our diverse student body and to prepare all in the community to thrive in the 21st century.
    • Expanding arts and athletic offerings while also maintaining competitive standing within the California Interscholastic Federation.
    • Greater emphasis on students’ health and well-being with a later start time and more systems of support for students who struggle academically or personally.
    • Successful initiatives to moderate faculty workload and to increase faculty salaries, which has led to more collaboration, innovation and lively discussion around student-centered teaching and learning.
    • Substantial growth in Bishop’s endowment which is now more than $48 million. These resources have allowed us to offer robust need-based financial aid, enhance faculty salaries, and, most recently, launch the Wu Tsai Center for Creative Science, a Bishop’s think tank for STEM and interdisciplinary education.
    • The addition of the state-of-the-art Manchester Library & Learning Center as well as the renovation of 27,400 square feet of dining, kitchen, student activity and arts education space that meet contemporary needs while complementingthe campus’s historically significant architecture.
    In addition, AC has expanded Bishop’s reputation at the national level through the National Association of Independent Schools, Global Online Academy and the National Association of Episcopal Schools; she holds leadership positions on the boards of the California Association of Independent Schools and School Year Abroad.
    More than these accomplishments, though, we appreciate AC’s tireless work ethic, her buoyant spirit, and her palpable devotion to the care and development of adolescents. We thank AC for ensuring that Bishop’s is thriving, positioned well among competitive peers, and, most importantly, affords young people the challenging and rigorous education that will hold them in excellent stead long after graduation.
    Bishop’s Board of Trustees takes seriously its responsibility to select the 12th head of school for this venerable institution and ensure a smooth transition. The board of trustees will oversee the search process as outlined in our bylaws, which includes appointing a Head of School Search Committee. This committee will be chaired by Barbara Edwards ’84 (Hank ’15 and Caroline ’16). Barbara is a member of the board of trustees and was formerly the president of the Parents’ Association. More information about the search committee and the search process will be forthcoming in the weeks and months ahead.
    We offer AC our congratulations and deepest appreciation. The important work of the School continues without pause and on behalf of the board of trustees, I thank you all for your commitment to The Bishop’s School.
    Annette Bradbury
    President, Board of Trustees

Head of School Search Updates

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  • May 29: Head of School Appointed

    On behalf of The Bishop’s School Board of Trustees and the Bishop’s Head of School Search Committee, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Ron Kim as our next head of school. The board was unanimous in its support of the search committee’s enthusiastic recommendation of Ron, following a highly competitive national search process over the past year. Ron will begin his term as Bishop’s 12th head of school in summer 2019, the start of the School’s 111th year.
    Ron brings a wealth of experience in school leadership, student-centered pedagogy and inclusive education principles. He is currently the head of school at Basis Independent McLean (BIM), a preschool - twelfth grade school in McLean, Virginia. With locations around the country, BASIS curriculum schools are both charter and independent schools, defined by a rigorous curriculum focused on both STEM and liberal arts, teachers who are subject experts and an emphasis on a joyful learning experience. 
    Prior to his arrival at BIM, Ron spent 23 years at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire, where he held various administrative and teaching roles during his distinguished career; the most recent were assistant principal, dean of faculty, history instructor and girls’ varsity basketball coach. He was the youngest dean of faculty ever appointed at Exeter. 
    Ron grew up in Southern California and earned a B.A. in history from the University of California, Berkeley, and an A.M. in history from the University of Chicago. He and his wife, Theresa, will be married 20 years this summer and have two high school age children.
    Ron’s passion for education guided by values, ethics and inclusive principles, and the impact that arts and athletics can have on students at a formative point in their lives speak directly to the mission of The Bishop’s School. As he shares, “Our students will be successful in the future, in part because of their academic achievements and intellectual resources, but also because of their ability to collaborate, to connect with people who are different from themselves and to be devoted to the well-being of others. The most meaningful educational experience provides students with the opportunity in class, on the fields or on a stage to succeed, fail, bounce back and know that, as a supportive community, we will go farther together than we would alone.” 
    Ron’s warmth and ease were apparent from the moment he set foot on campus, and his authenticity and humor resonated with administrators, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, students and trustees. 
    On behalf of Bishop’s Board, we express our deep appreciation to all who have devoted so much time, care and thought to the process that led us to hiring Ron. We are especially grateful to the search committee and our consultants from RG175, Tom Hudnut and Debbie Reed, who skillfully facilitated the interview and recruitment process. 
    We would also like to thank the entire Bishop’s community for providing valuable input throughout the process. Although the formal search process has come to an end, our work together continues to ensure a smooth transition and warm welcome of Ron to the Bishop’s community. We are delighted that he will assume an interim assistant headship at The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks next year, allowing for frequent visits to Bishop’s. 
    Thank you − and welcome to Ron Kim!
    Annette Bradbury                                      Barbara Edwards ‘84
    President, Board of Trustees                   Chair, Head of School Search Committee
  • May 2: Update from the Head of School Search Committee Chair

    Head of School Search Committee Chair Barbara Edwards '84 provided a search update at the May meeting of the Bishop's Parents' Association. You can watch video of her presentation here.
  • April 26: Three Finalists Selected

    The opportunity to lead Bishop’s produced a strong applicant pool from across the country including experienced heads of school and those with senior administrative experience seeking their first headship. From a large and diverse original applicant pool, the committee reviewed 30 applications and selected strong candidates to return for confidential interviews. The committee met with eight candidates over two days and selected three accomplished finalists to return for campus visits.
  • March 22: Nine Semifinalists Chosen

    The Head of School Search Committee met on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, to review applications for the head of school position starting in the 2019-2020 school year. From a diverse and talented pool of candidates that come from public, private and parochial schools across the country, the committee chose nine semifinalists to come back for in-person interviews in mid-April. The semi-finalists include both men and women, and six are current heads of school. After meeting with each candidate, the search committee will select three or four finalists to visit the campus in May at which time all constituents will have an opportunity to meet each candidate as well as ask questions and provide feedback to the search committee. 
  • Feb. 28: Update from the Head of School Search Committee Chair

    Head of School Search Committee Chair Barbara Edwards '84 provided a search update at the February meeting of the Bishop's Parents' Association. You can watch video of her presentation here.
  • Nov. 30: Interim Head of School Named for the 2018-2019 School Year

    The Bishop’s School Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of Bishop’s Head of Middle School Carol Barry as interim head of The Bishop’s School for the 2018-2019 school year. A lifelong educator and seasoned administrator, Mrs. Barry was the unanimous selection of the Bishop’s Board of Trustees and the Head of School Search Committee.

    Mrs. Barry joined the Bishop’s community as head of middle school in 2010. Prior to Bishop’s, she had a 27-year career with the San Diego Unified School District as a teacher, vice principal, principal and area superintendent overseeing 29 schools. Earlier this year Mrs. Barry announced her plans to retire at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. She and her husband, Tim, live in La Jolla and have three grown children.

    Board of Trustees President Annette Bradbury says, “We are delighted that Carol agreed to postpone her retirement another year to serve as interim head of school. Her leadership, professionalism and commitment to Bishop’s make her the ideal selection for the interim head position.”
    Reacting to her new appointment, Mrs. Barry adds, “I have enjoyed eight happy years as head of middle school and look forward to another productive year as the interim head of school.”

    Head of School Aimeclaire Roche continues in her role through July 31, 2018, and Mrs. Barry will assume her new role as interim head on Aug. 1, 2018.

    The focus of the search committee now turns to finding the 12th head of school, a process that engages the entire Bishop’s community. The search process is expected to take several months with the new head of school expected to be in place for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Nov. 2, 2017: Bishop's Community Survey

    On Nov. 3, 2017, a survey comes out by email invitation seeking individual input from Bishop’s constituents (alumni, faculty, staff, parents, trustees and friends of the School) on their Bishop’s experience as it relates to strategic planning and the head of school search efforts currently underway. The survey link will remain active until Nov. 17, 2017. The survey will be adapted for current Bishop’s students and administered during the school day, sometime before winter break.
    The survey was developed in partnership with Greenwich Leadership Partners (GLP) and Resource Group 175 (RG175), the consultants chosen to work with the Bishop’s Board of Trustees on the creation of the School’s next strategic plan and the selection of its next head of school. The Bishop’s School, the board, GLP and RG175 genuinely value your input. Please give candid and thoughtful responses and know that both GLP and RG175 will hold all information provided in strict confidence during and after the completion of the project.
    If you have any questions regarding the survey or do not receive an email, please contact Keri Peckham, director of marketing and communications.
  • Nov. 2, 2017: Search Consultant On-Campus Visit

    RG175 search consultants Tom Hudnut and Debbie Reed will be on campus for two days, Nov. 15 and 16, to meet with constituent groups in person (alumni, faculty, staff, parents, students and trustees). There are two drop-in information sessions available for all parents in the Manchester Board Room in Ellen Browning Scripps Hall: Nov. 15, 2017, from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m and Nov. 16, from 8:15 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. We hope to accommodate the greatest number of parents and a variety of schedules by offering two dates and both morning and evening times. 
  • Oct. 12, 2017: Search Firm Selected and Visit Planned

    The Head of School Search Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Tom Hudnut and Debbie Reed of Resource Group 175 (RG175) as our search consultants. As part of its commitment to conduct a thoughtful and thorough search process, the committee spent the past month identifying firms across the country, reviewing proposals, checking references and selecting four finalists for on-campus interviews. Following those presentations, the Search Committee unanimously chose Tom and Debbie as the team to help find The Bishop’s School’s 12th Head of School.
    Tom and Debbie have a deep understanding of independent schools and compelling personal and professional relationships with school leaders throughout the country.  Both are recognized experts in the field of educational leadership, have extensive experience as former heads of like schools, and serve as leaders of professional organizations and accreditation visit committees. For more information on RG175 and Tom and Debbie, please see their company website.
    • Thomas C. Hudnut — A magna cum laude graduate of Princeton with a master’s degree in law and diplomacy from Tufts, Tom began his career as a teacher and was appointed the head of the Norwood School in Maryland.  Tom was head of school at the Branson School in Ross, CA from 1982-1987. He then spent 25 years in Los Angeles, first as head of the Harvard School in Los Angeles, then at Harvard-Westlake after the successful merger. After leaving Harvard-Westlake, Tom joined RG175, an education-related consulting firm providing services for head search recruiting, long-term strategic planning and board governance. He has served on the boards of six independent schools, including The Bishop’s School from 2008-2013, on numerous search committees, CAIS/WASC accreditation committees and as president of both CAIS and the Headmaster’s Association. 
    • Deborah E. Reed — A graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Debbie has spent 40 years as an educator and school leader. Before becoming a search consultant for RG175, Debbie was head of school at Polytechnic, a coed K-12 school with 850 students in Pasadena. She also served as head of Seven Hills School, a PreK-12 school in Cincinnati with two campuses and an enrollment of 1,000 students. Debbie has served as the president of the Country Day School Headmasters’ Association and on the board of directors of CAIS. 
    Search Team Visit – Nov. 15- 16, 2017
    Tom and Debbie plan to visit The Bishop’s School on Nov. 15-16 to meet with a broad group of faculty, administrators, alumni, parents, staff and students. From these conversations, they will develop a profile of the qualities that our community is seeking in its next leader. Also, concurrent with the ongoing strategic planning process, all constituents listed above will receive an online survey.

    After interviewing our community and reviewing the results of the survey, Tom and Debbie will create a position statement that describes the job opportunity and the qualities and capabilities we are seeking in the next head of school. Once the Search Committee and the board approve the position statement, it is circulated throughout an extensive network to recruit qualified candidates.
    The Search Committee values the input of all Bishop’s constituents and view it as critical to both the search and strategic planning processes underway this year. We encourage you to participate fully and provide feedback as requested. All information received either in group forums or online is held in confidence both during and after the conclusion of the search and strategic plans.

    Thank you for your continued support,

    Barbara Edwards '84
    Chair, Head of School Search Committee

    Annette Bradbury
    President, Board of Trustees
  • Aug. 30, 2017 Introduction and Overview

    Board of Trustees President Annette Bradbury and Head of School Search Committee Chair Barbara Edwards '84 gave an introductory presentation on Aug. 30. Watch their presentation here.

Head of School Search FAQs

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Search Committee

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  • Peter Arrowsmith, Member of the Board of Trustees

    Peter Arrowsmith (Nick ’21 and Ryan ’23) is a member of the board of trustees at Bishop's. He is a general partner at JMI Equity, a private equity firm focused on investing in software companies. Peter has been with JMI for more than 21 years. He represents JMI on numerous corporate boards. Before JMI, Peter worked at AEA Investors, a private equity firm in New York and at McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm. Peter has previously served on the board of trustees at The Gillispie School (La Jolla, CA) and Voices for Children, a San Diego-based nonprofit focused on providing services to foster children. On both boards, he served as treasurer and chaired the finance committee. He has also chaired the investment committee at Gillispie. Peter lives in La Jolla with his wife Sepi and their three children Nick, Ryan and Sophie. Peter received his A.B. in history and literature from Harvard University.
  • Annette Bradbury, Board of Trustees President

    Annette Bradbury (Nadine ’15) is the president of the board of trustees and previously served as governance committee chair and advancement committee chair. Annette has served in executive capacities on a number of nonprofit boards of directors, including The Gillispie School (serving as president 2009-2012) and Las Patronas, the La Jolla-based philanthropic organization (serving as president in 2014-2015). She currently serves on the boards of directors of Voices for Children and the National League of Young Men, La Jolla chapter. Annette received her bachelor of pharmacy (Hons.) from London University and spent 15 years working as a clinical pharmacist and in drug development in London and San Diego.
  • Grace Evans Cherashore '73, Member of the Board of Trustees

    Grace Evans Cherashore (Nancy '08, Will '05) is executive chairwoman of Evans Hotels, a company founded in 1953 by her late father, William D. Evans, and her mother, Anne L. Evans. Grace began her tenure with Evans Hotels as chief financial officer in 1984 and later served as president and chief executive officer for 21 years. Prior to Evans Hotels, Grace worked for Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco in the real estate industries group. Outside of Evans Hotels, she currently serves as vice chair of the California State Chamber of Commerce and as a trustee of The Bishop’s School. Previously, she served as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Los Angeles Branch from 2008 through 2013 with two years as chair. Prior to her Federal Reserve service she served as a director of Peninsula Bank of San Diego and was a founding director of San Diego Trust Bank. Grace was also a director of San Diego Economic Development Corporation, the San Diego State University School of Business, the San Diego Consortium and Private Industry Council (now the San Diego Workforce Partnership) and the San Diego Chapter of the American Cancer Society. She has a B.A., magna cum laude, from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. In April 2017, Grace and her mother received the Ray Dezember Award by the San Francisco Federal Reserve for their exemplary service to the Fed. She was honored by the San Diego Business Journal as the 2013 “Most Admired CEO” for large family-owned businesses. In 2005 she was honored at the publication’s 12th-Annual “Women Who Mean Business” awards.
  • Barbara Edwards ’84, Committee Chair, Member of the Board of Trustees

    Barbara Edwards ’84 (Hank ’15, Caroline ’16) is a member of the executive committee of the board of trustees serving as governance committee chair and was formerly president of the Parents’ Association (2014-2015). Barbara also served on the executive committee of the Alumni Association Board from 2005-2011 and co-chaired the Centennial Celebration in 2009. Barbara served as a founding board member for Teen Volunteers in Action (TVIA) National, Inc. (2012-2016). She currently works as development director for the Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization she co-chaired as a parent volunteer in 2008-2009. Before moving home to California with husband Scott and their four children, Barbara worked for 15 years in advertising account management in Chicago and New York for the Leo Burnett Company, DDB Needham Worldwide, Conde Nast and Time, Inc. Barbara received a B.A. in English literature from Vanderbilt University.
  • Brad Geier, Honorary Lifetime Trustee

    Bradley A. Geier is a founder, co-owner and co-managing partner of Merlone Geier Partners, a private real estate investment firm focused on the acquisition, development and redevelopment of retail and mixed-use properties on the West Coast. The firm has raised $4.3 billion of discretionary equity capital since 1993, acquiring over 149 properties representing in excess of 26 million square feet. Prior to the formation of Merlone Geier, Brad held senior positions at Trammell Crow Company and Taubman Company. He graduated from Stanford University in 1979, earning an undergraduate degree in history with departmental honors. In 1983 Brad earned an MBA from Harvard University. Brad is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers and the Urban Land Institute. He is a member of the board of directors of the H.G. Fenton Company and serves on the policy advisory board executive committee of the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate at the University of San Diego. In addition, he is a trustee of Stanford University, an honorary lifetime trustee and a past board president of The Bishop's School and a trustee of Coaching Corps. He and his wife, Cathy, are parents of five Bishop's alumni: Caitlin '04, Ashley and Lindsay '05, Will '07 and Haley '09.
  • Gary Hendrickson, Faculty Member

    Gary Hendrickson first taught at Bishop’s from 1995-2001, after having spent 12 years teaching English at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. In his first Bishop’s iteration, Gary taught in both the middle and upper schools, coached several varsity sports and served as senior class sponsor. In 2001, he left Bishop’s and spent the next eight years at Phillips Exeter Academy as a tenured faculty member. In 2009, Gary returned to Bishop’s and currently chairs the English department, heads the women’s field hockey program and is faculty advisor to both BAQN and SDA.
  • Janice Murabayashi, Administration Member

    Janice Murabayashi, Bishop's new academic dean, joins the School from the International School of Asia, Karuizawa (Japan), where she was assistant head of school from 2013-2017. Janice helped to plan and manage all elements of the opening and daily operation of ISAK, a 100 percent boarding, English language, International Baccalaureate Diploma Program school, as well as its application to the United World College network. Before that, Janice served as the middle school dean of students and upper school academic dean at La Jolla Country Day School from 2006-2013, and as a middle and upper school teacher and coach at Francis Parker School (San Diego), Brentwood School (Los Angeles) and Punahou School (Honolulu). Janice is an alumna of Punahou School and received a B.A. in urban studies from Brown University, a M.A. in city planning from UCLA and a M.A. in educational leadership from Columbia University Teachers College.
  • Dr. Kelly Parsons ’88, Member of the Board of Trustees

    Dr. Kelly Parsons ’88 (Leah '19, Nathaniel '21) is a trustee, surgeon, professor and endowed chair at the Moores UC San Diego Comprehensive Cancer Center. His practice and research focus on the diagnosis and treatment of early stage prostate cancer. He has taught medical students and physician trainees for over 20 years; and, as the author of two published novels, has a particular interest in the intersection of science and the humanities. He earned an A.B. in history from Stanford University, M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and completed medical training at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.
  • Corinne Perkins Ross ’97, Member of the Board of Trustees

    Corinne Ross ’97 is a member of the Bishop’s Board of Trustees. She served as the president of the Alumni Association Board from 2014-2016, vice president from 2012-2014 and chair of the advancement committee, where she developed the inaugural Alumni Mini-Campaign. She currently is the CEO at Westview Financial Group, a multi-faceted firm she co-founded in 2006 which includes a real estate investment arm along with a life insurance producer group. She began her career at AllianceBernstein (2002-2006), where she was a co-portfolio manager and analyst for the mid/multi cap growth team, managing approximately $6 billion in assets. Corinne received her B.S. in analytical finance and her M.S. in accounting from Wake Forest University. She resides in Solana Beach with her husband and two young children.
  • Jennifer Schwarz, Member of the Board of Trustees, Parents’ Association President

    Jennifer Schwarz (Megan ’17, Logan ’20) is a member of the board of trustees of The Bishop’s School and the Parents’ Association President. Jennifer also served on the Parents’ Association leadership team (2013-2014, 2014-2015) and executive board (2016-2017). She earned her B.A. in economics at UC San Diego and her MBA at San Diego State University. Before starting a family with her husband, Tony, Jennifer worked in finance for SAIC, FoodMaker and GTE Wireless, all located in San Diego.
  • Martha Howton Sottosanti ’88, Member of the Board of Trustees

    Martha Howton Sottosanti ’88 (Tommy ’20, Ashley ’22) is a member of the Bishop’s Board of Trustees. She was on the Alumni Association Board from 2011-2016 and the Alumni Leadership Council from 1998-2004, as well as serving as class agent for her Bishop’s class since 1993. Martha chaired the head search committee for The Children’s School in 2013 after serving on the board of trustees from 2008-2013. She is currently on the board of directors of Kingfisher Systems and is the underwriting chair and communications chair for Las Patronas, a local nonprofit organization. Martha previously worked as an attorney practicing employment law and commercial litigation for Fisher & Phillips and Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton. Martha received her J.D. from UC Hastings School of Law and her B.A. from Yale University. She and her husband Mark, who is also a Bishop’s graduate, live in La Jolla with their three children.
  • Mimi Holman Test ’61, Member of the Board of Trustees

    Mimi Test ’61 is currently a member of the board of trustees serving on the executive board while also chairing the student life and globalization committee. Additionally, she has served on the Alumni Association Board several times since 2000 and is currently on the executive committee and co-chair of the events committee. Mimi has served as the class agent for her class for the past 30 years. She also serves on the East County Y and SD Youth Tennis Boards. Retired in 2006 after 40 years as a teacher, coach and administrator, she has continued to serve as an interim administrator since 2007. She received her B.A., M.A. and administrative credential from SDSU and was inducted in the Hall of Champions as a high school coaching legend in 2000. Mimi and her family all live close by in East County.
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