Affinity Groups

Affinity groups and affinity spaces at The Bishop's School are “safe spaces" that are primarily intended for people of a particular identity. They have a clear goal in mind and are meant to be working spaces where people also make personal connections that support their emotional well being.

Affinity groups and spaces are created to meet the needs of group members and their allies at Bishop's. This is a place where both members of the group and allies can develop a better understanding their identity that shapes their experiences. The intent is to create spaces where students and adults can be frank and honest without feeling inhibited by the presence of people who do not share the same identity and experiences.

Students and adults in Bishop's affinity groups use the time and space to share personal successes, reflect on their own identity development and support each other in addressing issues that come up for members of their self-identified community in their schools. A moderator/facilitator sets ground rules, creates an agenda, supports active involvement of all participants in the group and poses questions to members of the group for discussion.

Students who are interested in being part of one or more of the Bishop's Affinity groups, please contact the faculty sponsors.

The Bishop’s School
 Diversity and Affinity Groups

Asian American Student Alliance
Anyone who identifies or who supports Asian Americans
Bishop's Alliance for Queers and Non-Queers (BAQN)
Anyone who is interested in supporting LGBTQ initiatives and individuals
Faculty Sponsors: Gary Hendrickson and David Thompson

Black Student Union (BSU)
Anyone who identifies or who supports African Americans/Blacks
Faculty Sponsor: David Thompson

Latino/a American Student Organization (LASO)
Anyone who identifies or who supports Latino/Hispanic/Chicano Americans
Faculty Sponsors: Julietta Torres-Worstell
Multiracial Student Group (MSG)
Anyone who identifies or who supports Multiracial individuals
Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Geoghegan

Student Diversity Alliance (SDA)
Anyone interested in diversity and inclusion at Bishop's
Faculty Sponsor: Gary Hendrickson
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