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Members of the Bishop's JMUN team pose outside at UC San Diego
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The Junior Model UN (JMUN) Conference was held at the UC San Diego Extension Center on May 18 - 19. Bishop’s ten-member middle school team was there!

Bishop’s History and Social Sciences Teacher Kristin Sargeant ’08 shares, “Overall we had 10 seventh and eighth graders (Naveen Hernandez '26, Charlie Fredberg '27, Anna Yang '26, Marly Berlin '26, Henry Hou '27, Eric Feng '27, Parsa Avaz-Barandish '27, Maya Callaghan '27, Serena Jaiclin '27 and Adam Fang '27) participated in the first in-person JMUN conference since 2019!”

She adds, “Charlie received a commendation for his work representing Japan in First Committee, and Naveen Hernandez received an outstanding delegate award for his work representing Japan in the International Maritime Organization.”

Congratulations to the team!

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