Period Poverty Project Drive a Success

In the recent donation event on campus, the Bishop’s community donated products and money to purchase menstrual products in bulk, resulting in a collection of 13,000 period products. Student volunteers spent more than five hours sorting and packing, creating 1,000-plus packs ready for distribution. Each pack covers a full menstrual cycle for a person in need.

Juniors Andrea Rix and Yasi Henderson, co-founders of the Period Poverty Project (PPP), continue to expand their organization’s reach and impact.

Responding to a newly identified and very urgent need, these packs have been donated to the San Diego Convention Center, “where over 1500 migrants are currently being housed as they await decisions on their immigration status. A few members of the Bishop's community told us about the Convention Center's desperate need for menstrual products, and we wanted to do everything we could to help in this very recent and emerging situation. The majority of people there are young girls who menstruate and may not currently have the proper supplies to manage their periods,” explains Andrea.

Before the temporary shelter closes in mid-July, the Period Poverty Project plans to work on providing a longer term solution. She shares, “We will be teaming up with the company "Could You? Cup" to provide them with menstrual cups, a much more sustainable option as each cup costs only $10 and can serve a menstruator for up to 10 years.

“Again and again, Yasi and I are shocked by just how supportive our community can be for this cause. The amount of love and donations we get is astounding and we could not be more thankful. To us, these donations mean a lot more than just the sheer number of products given to shelters, but also the idea of working to break down the stigma around menstruation by making it a prevalent topic on our campus. When you see students of all ages and genders walking around campus with boxes of tampons or packing period products right out in front of the gym, it really does a lot to normalize periods, which is one of the first steps in fighting period poverty as a whole.”
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