Seventh-Graders Recite Shakespeare

Seventh-graders in English stretched their comfort zones, recording a Flipgrip of themselves reciting Egeus's monologue from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”
“This is the first time (fellow English 7 teacher) Morgan Lloyd and I have done this activity with our English 7 students,” English 7 teacher Jennifer Miller says. “In previous years, we have read, analyzed, and performed, in the Black Box or TPAC, adapted scenes of ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’to end the school year. But due to our shift to Distance Learning, we were unable to complete the unit as we would have in the past. However, we still wanted to expose the kids to Shakespeare and the play. We read and discussed several acts in the play before asking the students to try their hand at reciting Egeus' monologue.”
When recording the monologues, students were asked to consider fluency, precision of language, pacing, word emphasis, purposeful pauses and voice changes in tone and volume that express the character's shifting mood.
“The ultimate goal of the monologues was for the students to become familiar and comfortable with Shakespeare’s language, and to understand that Shakespeare's language, characters, and themes transcend time and continue to be relatable even today,” Jennifer says. “We wanted the students to practice using the language and understand that although it feels strange, and even a bit scary at first, by becoming familiar with the language, they also become more comfortable and confident exploring the world of Shakespeare.”
Check out some of the students’ recitations here:
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