High School California Math League – 2019-2020 Season Results

Only six students in California achieved a perfect set of scores in this season’s HS CAML contests – senior Tobey Shim is one of them! Bishop’s placed 7th out of 146 schools in California and 2nd out of 15 schools in San Diego County.

Here’s a sample question that Tobey aced: “What are all ordered triples of non-zero integers (a, b, c) for which a, b, and c form a geometric sequence whose common ratio is a non-zero integer, while a+4, b, and c form an arithmetic sequence?”

Teammates contributing to the team’s strong showing this year – one that math teacher and sponsor David Maycock calls “possibly our highest placing as a team” – include Evan Ren ’21, Jeffrey Wang ’21, Nicholas Liu ’22, Eddie Qiao ’23, Andrew Bender ’20, Jasper Jain ’23, Stanley Wei ’22, Emma Hong ’22, James Hou ’23, Michael Zeng ’22, Kira Tran ’20, Maya Krolik ’23, Annika Feng ’21, Alex Wu ’21, Aarav Chandra ’22 and Will Kessler ’23.

Mr. Maycock has been organizing Bishop’s student participation since 2002 and says, “High School California Math League is a series of monthly math contests that take place from October to March every academic year. There is no selection procedure - any student who relishes a mathematical challenge can show up to Cummins-1 with a pencil and a calculator in hand at the announced times and dates. Each monthly contest comprises six challenging problems that have to be solved in 30 minutes. Bishop's team score is made up of our five highest scores. Students earn one point for each problem correctly solved.” He proctors and grades each contest, submitting the scores to CAML, and notes, “I encourage participation and share the joy when a young student solves a problem correctly for the first time, and a few years later gets her first perfect score. I also enjoy the fact that Bishop's has students who get excited about solving challenging mathematical problems. I don't emphasize the competitive nature of the contests, but it is nice to get some external validation of quality of math education at Bishop's.”
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