Bishop’s Technical Theater Presents – Radio Hour!

Or in this case, 26 minutes. This week, we have for your listening entertainment, “Two and One is Awful” performed and produced by Kenneth Xiong ’23. You can listen here.

AJ Paulin, Technical Theater Design teacher, shares, “This radio play project was produced for the Theater Design 2 Class at the beginning of this distance learning term. The Technical Theater 8 and Theatre Design 1 are also beginning this project.”

He explains, “This project is meant to satisfy the sound design portion of theater design and production classes. Typically, we would create a live mix that would be used to produce live theatrical or music events. Since students cannot take the sound system and console home, using their creative skills, students can still produce various radio plays. Students could either record all of the dialogue themselves or cast family or friends. They could use Garageband, Audacity, or Soundtrap. Students learned how to edit and manipulate sound waves. For example, in Kenneth's radio play, he uses Audacity to change the pitch of his voice and directionality of the playback to help the listener differentiate between the different characters. The next task for the students was to record their own sound effects. We discussed foley art and how to recreate some common sound effects. In Kenneth's design, the typewriter sound was his foley sound effect. 
“When I assigned the project, we would work asynchronously. Many check-ins and listening files shared between the students and me.” 
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