ASBC Virtual Spirit Week

Just like our learning continues online, so do some favorite Spirit Week traditions. Bishop’s ASBC is making sure of that!

Spirit dress was in effect this week. Monday was designated Pajama Day, Tuesday was Meme Day, Wednesday was Western Day, Thursday was Power Bowl Day, and Friday was Sports Jersey Day.
English teacher and ASBC advisor Michelle Shea explains, “Our biggest goal is to keep the community connected in this very odd time. Members of ASBC have solicited assistance from their classmates in making videos that promote the Spirit Dress themes and Air Band is being revamped into a Tik Tok compilation which will be sent out on Friday.” The group also sent out a survey to the student body to gather input.
To encourage participation in spirit dress, she says, “Senior Courtney Anderson created an Instagram video promoting Meme Day, Tuesday's Spirit Dress theme. She reached out to a handful of Upper School students and asked them to recreate their favorite meme. Her video is hilarious.”
Courtney replies, “This is an odd situation but we've decided to make the most of it by keeping students engaged through spirit week. Just like school can be transferred online, so can our spirit.  As an ASBC, we've reached out to several students to make some entertaining videos. So far, they've turned out pretty hilarious. It's great to see that our community can come together during tough times, and still produce something great."
ASBC chief of staff Eliana Petreikis ’20 sums up, “We decided that, given the uncertainty and confusion that we are all experiencing, we wanted to try our best to retain some normalcy. Even though we had to cancel some of our Spirit Week activities, we thought that cancelling it altogether–eliminating our Spirit dress days and completely cancelling Airband–could hurt student morale. We hope that by keeping Spirit Week as intact as possible, we retain some sense of normalcy despite our current situation.
Our current goal in ASBC is to keep a sense of student community despite being separated from one another. This situation is not like anything we have dealt with before, so we are trying to be creative in devising online activities that can still keep students connected!”
With social distancing in mind for the Airband video, students recorded their individual parts for group performances either on the Tik Tok app or simply on their cell phone cameras. Marketing communications manager Jen Jordan compiled all the individual clips into one complete video.
Upper school administrative assistant Marianne Kulbeck reports that her advisory met on Monday morning’s Zoom call attired in pj’s, with some still in bed. (That's the spirit!) Ms. Shea recorded her Wednesday third period narrative fiction class closing with a group sing-along to "Country Roads" and her fifth period class sang "Chicken Fried." On Thursday, history and social sciences teacher Elly Smith’s advisory wore blue in honor of the seniors.
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