Head of Middle School for a Day

Some of the most popular Bishop’s Auction items each year are those coordinated and donated by faculty and staff. From the 2019 Auction, two members of the class of 2025 were the lucky recipients of Mr. Harlan Klein’s offer to experience a day at Bishop’s from the head of the middle school’s perspective.
Seventh graders Angelina Kim and Ella Kaminsky met Mr. Klein early on a Wednesday morning to begin their day. The pair shadowed him in a few meetings, classroom visits, a fire drill and more.
Angelina notes, “My Head of Middle School experience was full of learning. I discovered what Mr. Klein does during the day, such as taking attendance during a fire drill, or reviewing important documents. Mr. Klein has many jobs and always asks good questions to a great number of people. When Mr. Klein took Ella and me to Ms. Solberg's eighth-grade science class, I observed that the eighth graders were calm, focused, and determined to answer the warm-up question on the board.”
Ella concurs, “Being the head of middle school is a very important and busy job. Hiring teachers, writing emails, taking attendance, and checking on classrooms seems like a lot of work. It was very interesting to see what Mr. Klein does every day. Going to see some classrooms was also interesting! I got to see the seventh-grade Spanish class, and the eighth-grade science class, where I got to write notes to the teachers telling them what I liked about their class. And the fire drill, where we had to take attendance and make sure everyone was there was also important.”
These co-heads of middle school for the day enjoyed lunch at Cruisers, a treat at Baskin-Robbins and a visit to Warwick’s.

Mr. Klein adds, "I really enjoyed offering a little glimpse into my work as the head of middle school. It is a great opportunity to connect these students to some of the larger schoolwide and middle school specific areas that capture my attention. It's a lot of fun to be able to engage with on a personal level and to receive their input on what they observe. It was truly my pleasure to share the day with Angelina and Ella, two students who I know really appreciate the privilege of being at Bishop's. Their parents are rightfully proud and I thank them for generously contributing to last year's auction to make 'Head of Middle School for a Day' happen." 
Both Ella and Angelina expressed their gratitude for the opportunity. Ella shares, “Being head of middle school is important and exciting. Thank you for this great experience!” Angelina concludes, “I am extremely thankful to Mr. Klein, who took us on the experience, and is our Head of Middle School every single day. I was honored to be part of the Head of Middle School experience with Ella and Mr. Klein!”
If your child thinks they might like to try running the middle school – or perhaps the entire school – for a day next year, you’ll want to check out the 2020 Auction offerings during the April 25 event, billed as One World | One Love | One Knight. Learn more about this year’s party with a purpose!
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