Sarina Krishnan '20 - Making Caring Common

In November 2019, Sarina Krishnan ’20 was selected for the Youth Advisory Board of Harvard University’s Making Caring Common program.
Community service has long been important to Sarina Krishnan. She notes, “I've been greatly inspired by many of the mentors I've met through my community service ventures. They've all shown me the vast impacts of participating in projects to cultivate social good, and how ultimately doing something positive for the community is a mutually rewarding experience both for those I serve, and also for myself.”
Serving on the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) for Harvard’s Making Caring Common (MCC) is a fitting opportunity, as this board “represents a diverse group of young people who will work with MCC to make schools and communities more just, caring, and respectful places,” according to MCC’s website.
Established in 2013, MCC is based at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and “collaborates with foundations, corporations, individual donors, schools, districts, non-profits and others to expand and amplify [their] research, resources and reach,” working on a variety of initiatives connected to caring and ethical development of children of all ages.
Through the YAB, Sarina and 24 of her peers from across the U.S. will “work together to help address some of the most pressing ethical and moral issues facing young people today.  Board members will provide feedback on MCC strategies and initiatives and share their perspectives on current events and issues in the media. They will also implement year-long projects to develop their leadership skills and cultivate a culture of kindness in their schools and communities.”
Sarina’s project is a podcast; she explains, “I am in the development stages of creating my own podcast to encourage and inspire youth to enrich their lives via community service. I hope to invite my peers and friends to speak about their experiences on my podcast as well.”
Having heard about MCC from a friend who had previously participated on the YAB, Sarina shares, “I was inspired to participate because of the sheer positivity of the mission. On the YAB, we work to address the most pressing social and moral issues our communities face, whether this involves lessening academic pressure at school, cultivating healthy friendships, maintaining good mental health, etc. I was also drawn to this program's collaborative nature, as I am afforded the opportunity to connect with my peers from all across the United States on a regular basis. I am looking forward to continuing to connect with my peers from all around the country and develop lasting friendships with them. I am eager to see their projects and what social good they do in their community!”
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