How to Help Your Child Succeed at School

Janice Murabayashi, Academic Dean
This guide came to my attention recently and I thought it did a nice job of summarizing tips and providing concise and easy-to-understand explanations.  It's a quick read.  Most - or all - of it will be familiar to you. But it never hurts to be reminded, right?  
The section on school-home lines of communication and self-advocacy made me think of this broadcast about college professors' office hours.  One of the great things about Bishop's is that we provide opportunities and expectations around one-on-one student interaction with teachers.  I hope that our students never find themselves in the situation described in the broadcast, where as college students they're so bewildered or even scared by the prospect of office hours that they miss out on the opportunity to benefit from that professor's guidance and contacts. 

Middle and upper school is a great time to practice habits that will serve students well in college and beyond.  Talking to adults can be daunting, especially if the power dynamic isn't even.  But the more practice we gain the sooner in life, the better off we'll be in long run. The more clearly we can explain to students why it's important to build such skills, even though it may involve discomfort, the easier it'll be for students to try and try again.
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