Cartwright on the Q

After a brief hiatus, he’s back, and at a great time. With a weekend of overtime football playoff games, some officiating controversies and an action-packed schedule including NBA basketball, PGA golf, a high school winter sports season conclusion on the horizon and an upcoming Super Bowl, there were plenty of fun “Q’s” to consider.
1. How many points were scored in the largest come-from-behind victory in NFL history?
a.) 42 points
b.) 35 points
c.) 32 points
d.) 30 points
2. In the NCAA Tournament era (since 1939), how many Division I men’s college basketball teams have had undefeated seasons?
a.) 7 
b.) 10
c.)  3
d.) None
3. What is the lowest overall draft pick to be inducted in the MLB Hall of Fame?
a.) 71st
b.) 245th
c.) 886th
d.) 1390th
4. Who has the most rebounds over a career in NBA history (since rebounds started being recorded as a statistic in 1950)?
a.) Charles Barkley
b.) Wilt Chamberlain
c.) Dennis Rodman
d.)  Shaquille O’Neal
5. Since the Super Bowl host venue is chosen several years in advance, the factor of the team who calls that stadium home is not taken into account.  How many teams have played a Super Bowl in their home stadium?
a.) 6
b.) 3
c.) 1
d.) None
6. What are the most wins in an NBA regular season (82 games played)?
a.) 75
b.) 73
c.) 70
d.) 68
7. What are the most losses in an NBA regular season (82 games played)?
a.) 75
b.) 73
c.) 70
d.) 68
8. Who is the oldest quarterback to lead a team to a Super Bowl win?
a.) Peyton Manning
b.) Tom Brady
c.) John Elway
d.) Joe Montana
e.) Johnny Unitas
9. Since 1988, Bishop’s boys’ basketball has won five CIF championships in Division IV and V. What coach took the Knights to the most CIF championship victories?
a.) Kamal Assaf ‘88
b.) Tom Tarantino
c.) Fentriss Winn
d.) Matt Niehues
e.) both b and c
f.) both a and c
10. From 1991-2013, the Knights girls’ soccer team won 10 CIF Division IV Championships. How many different coaches marched the team to these victories?
a.) 1
b.) 5
c.) 7
d.) 4
e.) 6
11. Which Bishop’s girls soccer coach notched the most Division IV Championship titles?
a.) Brian Quinn
b.) Zeke Knight
c.) Susan Filapone
d.) Scott DuFue
e.) b and d
f.) a and c
12. Bishop’s girls’ soccer holds the record (tied with Torrey Pines) for the fewest goals allowed in a season. The record was established in 1997. How many goals did they allow?
a.) 12
b.) 9
c.) 4
d.) 17
e.) 2
Answers: 1. c, (the Buffalo Bills came back from being down 35-3 to defeat the Houston Oilers in a 1993 AFC Wildcard Round playoff game), 2. a, (last was Indiana in the ‘75-‘76 season), 3. d, (Mike Piazza was drafted in the 62nd round of the 1988 draft), 4. b, (who also holds the single-game record of 55), 5. d, 6. b (by the 2015-16 Warriors), 7. c ,(by the 1972-73 76ers), 8. a, (39 years old), 9.) e, ( Winn and Tarantino won two apiece), 10. B, ( Zeke Knight ’91, Scott DuFue ’93-94, Aaron James ’96, Susan Filapone ’97, ’99-00, Brian Quinn ’07, ’09, ’13), 11. f, (Filapone and Quinn had three). 12. c, they allowed only four goals!
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