Catching Up with Jordan Susselman '96

A Barcelona resident for 18 years, Jordan’s company, Hi. This is Barcelona…, provides customized private tours, offering unique, authentic experiences and activities beyond the typical tourist agendas. He became smitten with Spain while studying abroad his junior year, and he honed his skills as a UCLA campus tour guide. His career progression is interconnected with his time as a Bishop’s student in Dr. Mower’s Art History class, Dr. Hennessey’s AP Euro class, and of course, his Spanish classes.
What led you on this career path?
After graduating college, I spent a summer in Jerusalem on a cultural exchange, then I backpacked through Europe. My aunt and uncle met me in Italy and arranged for us to have a private tour of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Seeing all the works was motivating and inspiring. I thought back to the descriptions from Dr. Mower that were so interesting and memorable – everything came to life. I felt I could explain what we were seeing because of what I learned from him; it furthered a passion ignited at Bishop’s.
Why Barcelona?
I arrived in Barcelona expecting to stay a few months, but my first job here was as public relations director for a Catalan touring company specializing in the architecture of Antonio Guadí. My passion for culture and travel began to mix with a newfound fascination for the history and architecture of Barcelona.
How has embracing the culture and community impacted your experience?
To assimilate and give myself a professional edge, I enrolled in a course to learn the local tongue and quickly became known as “that American who speaks Catalan.” Not many foreigners make an effort to learn the language.
What’s next?
My company is moving in the direction of luxury "atypical" tourism and corporate groups/events – spending more time with fewer customers. And I’m waiting to see if I’ll become a Spanish citizen. I applied three years ago for dual citizenship.
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