Seventh Grade STEM Lab

Seventh grade science students are creating, innovating, and evaluating several different design challenges to help them learn about human anatomy.
The strategy of this particular unit has the students begin by investigating a task. Science teacher Mike Samale explained, “They need to design a solution or models that mimic function. Once that is complete they research a specific human body system. Then they will pull it all together in a presentation.”
The point is for these young scientists to make the connection between the task they performed and the system they researched. For example, one group was tasked with designing a device that would widen the opening in a tube plugged up with playdough, making it difficult for water to pass through. At the end of the unit, they were able to recognize that they were attempting to help open up a clogged artery so that the patient's circulatory system could better transport the blood.
Students’ projects included making heart valves; knee, hip and elbow joints; flexor and extensor muscles; immune system game boards; and breaking chicken bones to better understand and model bone structure.
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