Understanding the Real-World Impact of Drunk Driving

Ninth-grade health students recently experienced the impact of getting behind the wheel while impaired. 
Students donned “drunk goggles” and were tasked with completing a variety of obstacles. With a partner, they were asked to jump over short hurdles in succession; kick– and stop – a ball in a soccer goal; and walk through a short winding course while avoiding cones scattered throughout the lanes of the course. 
Each student started the period with 100 points and for each misstep – stepping on a cone, aiming incorrectly at a goal, touching a hurdle, etc. – they were deducted one point. “We’re saying, that’s your life,” physical education teacher Danny Mitchell said. “You have 100 percent and any time you make a mistake, we’ll see what you end up with. Rarely do we ever have anyone over 50 percent.” 
After completing the obstacles, students watched a video on drunk driving and discussed the implications of impaired driving. 
“Every time after we do this and we start discussing it and bring it back into real life, they all get it,” Danny said. “I think this is one of the best things this school offers.”
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