• May

    May - Elizabeth Jin '24

    Elizabeth has a calm presence in the art studio and becomes completely entranced in her art. There is a quiet and soft look to the surface quality she enjoys to depict. Her art has a certain amount of mystery and imagination. She works on her creative expression both in and outside of school. There is no question as to her dedication and love of art.
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  • April

    April - Oliver Price '23

    Oliver joined the Street Art class this year and was a focused and hardworking student. His work always aimed to be not only be an expression of his understanding of the media but also aligned with the goal of creating the best quality work he could. Oliver took time outside of class to research and study spray painting techniques. He leaps into his art and shows great enthusiasm for all that he discovers and learns. We hope to see more of his work and know his presence in the visual arts department during his studies at The Bishop’s School.
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  • February

    February - Andrew Welsbie '24

    Andrew has taken huge steps in art this quarter. He has been completely open to reworking, developing, and evaluating what he creates. This is an image of one of two orca paintings he has made. He invented a subtle way to depict depth and light in water along with the gentle presence of this impressive whale. In the studio he is a very “coachable” student who is eager to learn and grow.
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  • January

    January - Alex Balog '24

    Alex Balog ‘24 is a thoughtful maker who has completed a number of impressive projects in the seventh grade art rotation. The diligence of his pencil drawing of a bird of paradise plant found on campus and the detail of his design for a 3D printed cookie cutter show that he considers his projects carefully.
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