• May

    May - Scott Dyvig '22

    Scott Dyving has always been interested in architecture and uses his studio practice to engage in a playful balance of strengthening his technical skills along with experimenting with new media and approaches to art making. When help is needed or support is requested, Scott is always there in the trenches of the visual arts department. He works on his art non-stop and allows for changes in his style to openly occur. There is no one more enthusiastic about being in art class and learning from doing.
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  • April

    April - Sharisa You '22

    Sharisa has a balanced interest in art that builds on both her heart-based expression and her respect for skill building and achievement. She appreciates guidance but rarely needs external motivation. She is a committed artist in both the visual and performing arts departments, works outside of the studio on her own time, and is truly limitless in her passion for art.
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  • February

    February - Sariah Hossain '22

    Sariah is a focused, thoughtful, hardworking, and very open-hearted individual who deserves a lot of recognition in visual art. Creativity comes so easily to her that she goes beyond new ideas and finds a way to express what words cannot. Her work makes you stop to think and wonder what lies beneath what we see.  
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  • January

    January - Alexandra Midler '22

    Alexandra is a student who so comfortably works on her art. There is an ease and peaceful way that she approaches her work; observing her paint is to see someone happy. For years, Alexandra has been involved in creating beautiful pieces that demonstrate technical growth and exploration. This is a self-portrait she created in the style of the famous painter, Modigliani.
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