Asking for Help

Director of Diversity Life David Thompson provides resources and tips for making the transition to distance learning.
Since school campuses throughout the country have closed, educators everywhere are turning to one another to ask for tips, strategies, resources, and in a few cases, an ear for venting. Diversity and Equity officers at independent schools are rallying together through online forums. What I hear as predominant concerns are: 
  • Securing resources and meals for our students
  • Caring for our community members (students, families, employees, and neighbors) who will face hardship
  • Young people exercising “Netiquette” when their opportunities to be online and act impulsively have grown exponentially
During this time, I find myself extremely grateful to work at Bishop’s. I am grateful to know I have what I need to work from home and am grateful to see students everyday, even if the medium for that interaction is new and sometimes glitchy. Everyday I experience new reminders of how connected this community is, while I also know that there are classmates, friends, colleagues and family members facing a tough time. Bishop’s students and families experiencing unforeseen hardship or limited access to technology equipped for distance learning, please contact me and/or Kim Cooper so that the school can provide the assistance we’re able to. 

This message is a reminder of information I posted earlier this week with one addition. Throughout the region are a few services addressing a few of the unexpected challenges you, or someone you know, may face: 
  • Several schools within the region, confirmed by the County Office of Education, will give meals during public school closures to any student ages 2-18 at any location listed on this site. The list updates daily. 
  • San Diego 2-1-1 is a local network with information on food banks, diapers, emergency resources, and restaurant meal programs among other public services—temporary and long term—including specific COVID-19 Information and Resources.
  • Individuals facing short and long-term chronic illness and/or are under medical quarantine can reach out to Mama’s Kitchen for nutrition services.
  • Cox Cable will offer free and low-cost high-speed internet for families with school-age children. I do not have a direct link to other companies yet, but the San Diego Union Tribune yesterday reported that local-serving internet companies are making changes to boost speeds and waive fees to support students and workers at home. 
  • If you or someone you know encounters homelessness, please visit this link for a list of resources divided by region within the county. I understand that some of the listed agencies and offices might be closed for the time being but, I imagine any person reading this who finds themself close to a dire situation and, there are many here who can assist with parsing through the steps of re-establishing housing stability.
If you find yourself in a position to safely donate time or resources, please let me or Kim Cooper know, as there may be ways you can support Bishop’s students. Or, consider contacting Feeding San Diego and Mama’s Kitchen (mentioned above), who are committed to meeting the needs of those most affected throughout the region. 

Call a friend. Act and speak with kindness. Take a walk. Play a board game. Wash your hands. 
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