Staying Mentally and Physically Healthy While Distance Learning

Here are some tips from Bishop's Director of Counseling Megan Broderick on how to stay mentally and physically healthy while distance learning.
  1. Have a “family meeting” with your children to check in and be curious about how they are feeling.  Find out what questions and concerns they have as we enter this new territory of school closure.
  2. Acknowledge that this process is new to everyone and we are all on the same team.  It most certainly won’t be perfect, but we will be grateful for the moments where things seem to work and hopeful in the moments that fall short.  Help the children to trust the adults in their lives by speaking positively and encouragingly about how things are being handled.
  3. Take breaks from your device.  Make a plan as a family to put it down and monitor news media intake to prevent becoming overwhelmed.
  4. Encourage human connection:
    • FaceTime friends and family.
    • Send e-cards to friends, family and the elderly.
    • Check in with others and see how they are feeling; provide a listening and empathetic ear.
  5. Eat meals together.  Hold some precious moments to share a meal together with no technology, no news, no media.  Remember that a face-up phone on the dinner table, whether it is being used or not, decreases human connection by 30 percent.
  6. Encourage students to stick to a schedule.
  7. Exercise every day. Think outside the box for ways to move your body.  Do it on FaceTime with a friend or family member!
  8. Start a Gratitude Jar; Commit to putting one thing on paper every day for which to be grateful.
  9. Be mindful:
    • Breathe.
    • Find the awesome in small things.
    • Smile.
    • Set intentions/goals and enjoy the process.
    • Practice letting go of those things that are outside your control.
    • SLEEP.
    • Expect stress; Break the big mountains down to small hills.
    • Journal.
    • Play.
  10. Be reminded that all of the sources of support at school are still here, it just looks a little different now.
  11. For examples on how to have fun while employing social distancing, check out this article.
  12. According to Dr. Denise Pope, the co-founder at Challenge Success, "Research on protective factors for teens shows that engaging in PDF every day can support better mental and physical health." View her "PDF Checklist" to help support students to get the playtime, downtime and family time they need.
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