Financial Aid Endowment

The Financial Aid Endowment Fund includes funds that are set aside to support current and future financial aid grants.

List of 81 items.

  • General Financial Aid Fund

    General Financial Aid Endowment was established in 1989. 
  • Avis Scott Porterfield

    Established in 1972 through a bequest from Avis Scott Porterfield, a San Diego resident whose estate planning has allowed academically capable students to receive a challenging education at Bishop's
  • Balgrosky Hinshaw Family Athletic Endowment

    Established in 2014 with a gift from Parker Hinshaw and Jean Balgrosky Hinshaw, parents of Wyatt ’06, CJ ’09, and Steven ’14 Hinshaw, to benefit scholar-athletes.
  • Bill and Betty Hoehn

    Established in 1998 by Susan and Bill Hoehn, parents of Adrienne ’97 and Ted ’01 Hoehn, and added to in 2001 by Karen and Bob Hoehn, parents of Jo Hannah ’05 and Susanah ’06 Hoehn, to honor their parents Bill and Betty Hoehn. 
  • Carl B. Saunders '98

    Established in 1999 by a group of people who knew and were deeply touched by the life of Carl Saunders ’98. The fund is designed around the qualities that defined Carl, including character, love of sailing and the outdoors, artistic talent, and scholastic achievement. 
  • Carolyn and Paul Barber

    Established in 2014 by Carolyn and School Trustee Paul Barber, parents of Nicholas ’17 and Kevin ’19 Barber, as a confirmation of their belief in the School’s Financial Aid Program.
  • Carolyn and Reeve Jacques

    Established in 1987 by the family and friends of Carolyn and Reeve Jacques in their memory and in honor of their significant contributions to the community. Their daughters, Jennifer ‘86, Julie ‘89, and Alison ‘91 Jacques, are Bishop's graduates. Through the years their many friends have generously increased this endowment. 
  • Carolyn Yorston-Wellcome

    Established in 1998 by Carolyn Yorston-Wellcome a loyal friend of Bishop’s for over three decades. Mrs. Yorston-Wellcome has expressed her love of the School by supporting many young women as students, and this endowment now makes this dream come true forever.
  • Collins Family

    Established in 2009 by Carol and Jim Collins in recognition of and gratitude for the education their grandson, Trevor Gudim ’09, received at Bishop’s. 
  • David Fulton Fleet

    David Fulton Fleet was a San Diego real estate developer, dedicated supporter of excellence in education, and wonderful father.  In 1998 his family established the David Fulton Fleet Scholarship to honor his lifelong commitment to helping financially needy students achieve their full potential through access to a high quality educational experience.
  • Deborah ‘83 and Michelle ‘85 Martin

    Established in 1984 by Jane Martin and Gilbert Martin, parents of Bishop's graduates Deborah ‘83 and 
    Michelle ’85 Martin. The fund was established to assist academically worthy students who, preferably, have participated in school athletic programs
  • Dina and Gregg Buckley

    Established in 2014 by Dina and School Trustee Gregg Buckley, parents of Matthew ’18 and Lauren ’19 Buckley, as a testament to their commitment to the School’s Financial Aid Program.
  • Doris Coon Dustin

    Established in 1974 by Doris Coon Dustin, a La Jolla resident who willed her estate to the School to establish an endowed financial aid fund in her name
  • Dorothy Williams

    Established in 1996 to recognize the leadership of Dorothy Williams, who was headmistress of The Bishop's School from 1975 to 1983. 
  • Elizabeth L. Knox

    In 1983 Elizabeth (Betty) and James Knox donated a $50,000 life insurance policy that names Bishop's as the beneficiary. Their daughters, Julie H. Knox ‘71 and Alice C. Knox ‘74, are Bishop's graduates. The proceeds from this policy will be used to establish this financial aid fund.
  • Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation

    Established in 1987 through a gift from the Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation to honor the School’s founder. Miss Scripps and her sister Eliza Virginia Scripps gave the initial gift for the School and, over the years, the Foundation has supported significant capital improvements to the campus. 
  • Entrepreneurs with Equity for Education (E3)

    Established in 1997 by a group of Bishop’s parents to encourage individual and corporate support for the School’s Financial Aid Program through outright gifts or pledges of privately and publicly traded securities
  • Eva May Fleet

    Established in 1985 by Eva May Fleet, the widow of Reuben H. Fleet and long time supporter of the School. Mrs. Fleet's three daughters, two granddaughters, and grandson attended Bishop's. As the result of Mrs. Fleet's generous financial support, the Eva May Fleet Athletic Center bears her name. 
  • Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. Foundation

    Established in 1990 by the Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. Foundation to honor Elizabeth Harrington Dickinson, who was a member of Bishop’s Class of 1939. 
  • Flaming Family Athletic Financial Aid Endowment

    Established in 2014 by Carolyn and Darryl Flaming, parents of Lauren '17 and John '20 Flaming. 
  • Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey

    Established in 1994 by Helga and William Halsey in honor of Mr. Halsey's father, Fleet Admiral William Halsey. Members of the family who have attended Bishop’s include Admiral Halsey’s granddaughters Jane Halsey ‘65, Anne Halsey Smith ‘67, Heidi Halsey Bennett ‘92, and great-grandson Matthew Smith ‘03. 
  • Frances and Edwin Hunter

    Established in 1993 by Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hunter, grandparents of Greg '92 and Scott '99 Hunter; Jessica ‘96, Rachael ‘99, and Emily ’01 Welborn, in support of the School's mission to seek academically qualified students. 
  • Frank T. Weston

    Established in 1993 by Elsie Weston, a former board member, and her husband Frank Weston to give qualified young people an opportunity to receive a strong college preparatory education. 
  • Fred and Martha LeBrun

    Established in 2014 by Peggy and Eric Johnson, parents of Nick ’07, Emily ’08 and Jake ’17 Johnson. Mrs. Johnson is the former trustee chair of the board’s financial aid committee and, along with her husband, has been a staunch supporter of the School’s Scholarship Program. The fund is named in memory of her parents.
  • Gordon R. “Zeke” Knight

    Established in 2003 in celebration of Zeke Knight’s 17 years of exemplary service as the School’s Director of Development and for his commitment to increasing financial aid support for deserving students. 
  • Grace and Edward Warren Financial Aid Fund

    Established in 2015 in memory of Grace Warren, a science teacher at The Bishop’s School from 1968-1993.
  • Helen Seeger Wolterstorff

    Established in 1994 in memory of Helen Seeger Wolterstorff by her husband the late Right Reverend Robert Wolterstorff and her family. 
  • Hinshaw-Balgrosky Family Scholarship

    Established in 2007 with a gift from Parker Hinshaw and Jean Balgrosky Hinshaw, parents of Wyatt ’06, CJ ’09, and Steven ’14 Hinshaw. This fund provides financial aid in perpetuity to Bishop’s students with academic promise and financial need. It is intended to open the door of educational opportunity to bright, deserving students who in turn can make a difference for their families. 
  • J. Michael Thompson Memorial

    Established in 2002 by the many friends of Michael Thompson who support his belief that education is the greatest gift that one can give. 
  • James and Elena Stone

    Established in 2014 by Ezra Levine and Laura Stone, a member of the Class of 1964, to help the School fulfill its mission by becoming accessible to all of the best and the brightest students.
  • James G. Scripps

    Established in 1988 through a bequest from James G. Scripps, who was a grandnephew of Ellen Browning Scripps. His bequest is one of the largest in the School's history.
  • Jennifer and Philip Forte

  • Jennifer Anne, John Daniel and Scott Preston Feighner Endowed Scholarship Fund

    Established in 2006 by Anne Feighner McCarthy in memory of John Feighner, her late husband and the father of John Daniel Feighner, Jennifer Anne '93 and Scott Preston Feighner '02.
  • Jenny Bateman Mudge

    Established in 1992 by Jenny Bateman Mudge, the parent of Matthew ‘91 and Lisa ’92 Bateman, who, over the years, has been a strong supporter of the School's Financial Aid Program. 
  • Jerry Coleman Memorial Scholarship

    Established in 2014 by the many friends of Gerald “Jerry” Coleman. Mr. Coleman was the father of Chelsea Coleman ’03 and the husband of Maggie Coleman, president of The Bishop’s School Board of Trustees (2003-2005). In 2012 Mr. Coleman was awarded the Bishop’s Medal for his service in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II and the Korean War.
  • John Bixby ’94 Memorial Fund

    Established in 2015 in memory of John Bixby, a member of the Class of 1994, by his family and friends.
  • John Fritz

    The John Fritz Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2006 by the family of John Fritz to honor his memory and contributions to the Bishop's community. John Fritz, who served on the Bishop's Board of Trustees from 2002 – 2005, was the father of Leigh ‘03 and Reid ‘05 Fritz. 
  • John Trifiletti

  • Karen and Michael Stone

    Established in 2014 by Karen and School Trustee Michael Stone, parents of Rachel ’17 and Samantha ’20 Stone, to support the School’s goal of increasing the financial aid endowment and building an exemplary community.
  • Karen and William Fontana

    Established in 1993 by Karen and William Fontana, who were extremely active volunteers in the life of the School and whose daughter Darcy Fontana graduated in 1989. 
  • Lenore and Paul Fraga

  • Leslie and Charles Athill

    Established in 2015 by Leslie and Charles Athill, parents of Nicole ’13 and Justin ’14 Athill.
  • Louise Carmon Choral Music

  • Lucinda May Groenendyke '66

    Established in 1974 by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Groenendyke in memory of their daughter Lucinda May Groenendyke ‘66. 
  • Margarita Rojas

    Initially established in 1997 by the School’s faculty as an annual fund to cover the tuition of a student in memory of Margarita Rojas. In 2000, the faculty and staff chose to make this an endowed fund to honor the memory of Sra. Rojas, a respected member of the foreign languages department from 1980 until her death in May 1997. 
  • Marlene and Michael Teitelman

    Established in 2001 by the Board of Trustees in recognition of and gratitude for years of school leadership by the Headmaster Michael and Marlene Teitelman. 
  • Mary M. Wohlford ‘60

    Her classmates and the Bishop’s community knew Mary Wohlford as a passionate supporter of population control, among many other causes. Her pledge to the financial aid endowment was completed by a bequest in her estate plan when she died in 1999. 
  • Michele Goodman Nissman '64

    Established by Michael Nissman in 2003 in honor of Michele Goodman, a graduate of the Class of 1964. 
  • Nettie and Tom Keck

    Established 2016 by Nettie and Tom Keck, parents of Lily ’17, Max ’20 and Maddy ’22 Keck.
  • Reuben H. Fleet

    Established in 1985 by the family of the late Reuben H. Fleet. The primary purpose of the Reuben H. Fleet Foundation Fund at The San Diego Foundation is to provide financial aid for young students with high scholastic abilities, but without the financial means to obtain a higher education. 
  • Richard E. Carlson

    Established in 1993 by Richard E. Carlson, father of Richard Carlson Jr. ’95. A member of the Board of Trustees from 1992 to 1995, Mr. Carlson chaired the Board’s Financial Aid Committee. It was Mr. Carlson’s desire that the financial aid endowment fund be increased so that Bishop's could continue to accept more students each year through this important program. 
  • Robbie Dreher ’12 Memorial Scholarship

    Established in 2008 by Scott Dreher, father of Cassandra Dreher ’08, in memory of his son, Robbie Dreher ’12, and with the wish that Robbie’s legacy will allow other children to benefit from a Bishop’s education. 
  • Ronald Bird

    Established in 2003 by the many friends of Ron Bird in honor of his service to The Bishop’s School and the San Diego community. Mr. Bird was a member of the Board of Trustees from 1983-1989 and was a great friend and supporter of the School’s mission. His daughter Leslie Bird Voss and her husband Christopher Voss graduated in the Class of 1979. 
  • Rosamond Larmour Loomis

    Established in 1996 to recognize the leadership of Rosamond Larmour Loomis, who was headmistress of The Bishop's School from 1953 1962. 
  • Ruth Jenkins

    Established in 1996 to recognize the leadership of Ruth Jenkins, who was headmistress of The Bishop's School from 1963 to 1971. 
  • San Miguel

    Established in 1997 by alumni of the San Miguel School for Boys in recognition of the traditions and legacy brought to The Bishop’s School by San Miguel when the two schools merged in 1971. 
  • Sandra Garner Purkayastha

    Established in 2003 by the family of Sandra Garner Purkayastha to honor her and to recognize the challenges she faced in overcoming financial obstacles in her quest for a superior education. This fund’s primary purpose is helping young women from less fortunate families be able to benefit from the excellence of a Bishop’s education. Her daughter Anjali Purkayastha is a graduate of the Class of 2003. 
  • Sheila Ferguson and Maxim Webb

  • Stephen J. Marquard ‘85

    Established in 1985 by Ruby Marquard and Peter Marquard in memory of their son Stephen J. Marquard ‘85. This fund has been increased through contributions made by friends of the Marquard family and is restricted to the education of Latino students. 
  • Susan Fleet Welsch ‘63

    Established in 2000 by Mrs. Welsch’s family to recognize her service to Bishop’s as a lifetime honorary trustee, active member of her alumnae class, and long time supporter of the financial aid program. 
  • The Baker-Baum Family

    Established in 2006 by Brenda Baker and Steve Baum in honor of their daughters, Stephanie ’99 and Lindsley ’04 Baker-Baum in order to provide financial aid support so other students can experience the wonderful fulfilling education at The Bishop’s School. 
  • The Benchmark Scholarship

    Established in 2004 by an anonymous donor as part of the largest gift to the School to provide financial aid support to students of academic promise with financial need. 
  • The Bishop’s School Alumni Association

    Established in 1978 by Bishop's Alumni Association with the intention of furthering alumni involvement with the School. The Association has approximately 8,000 members who live throughout the world. 
  • The Bishop’s School Parents’ Association

    Established in 1988 by the Parents' Association Board as a demonstration of its commitment and support of the School's effort to diversify the campus through financial aid assistance. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the annual auction organized by the Parents' Association is directed toward the financial aid program's operating budge
  • The Bock Family

    Established in 1998 by Diane and Larry Bock, parents of Quincy ’06 and Tasha ’10 Bock, to give academically worthy minority students a challenging college preparatory education. 
  • The Cebron Family

    Established in 1998 by Harry and Carol Cebron, parents of Elizabeth ’99, William ’01, and Sarah ’03 Cebron.
  • The Class of 1959

    Established in 2003 in loving memory of the following members of the Class of 1959: Blaine Gould, Peggy Culver Johnson, Lindsay Porter Orkand, Barbara Parsons, Susan Strebe Porter, and Susie Bell Steen. It is the wish of the Class of 1959 that this fund will provide the opportunity for a deserving student to receive a superior educational experience at The Bishop's School, immersing that student in an atmosphere where enduring friendships are made. 
  • The Class of 1963

    Established in 2013 by the members of this class in recognition of the educational experiences they received at Bishop’s and in celebration of the 50th year anniversary of their graduation. 
  • The Manchester Athletic Endowment

    Established in 2001 by Lifetime Honorary Trustee Betsy Manchester and Doug Manchester, parents of Molly ’84, Katie ’85, Sally ’88, Annie ’99, and Doug ’01 Manchester; grandparents of Madeleine ’13, Anne ’15 and Ford ’19 Eldredge, in support of Bishop’s student-athletes. 
  • The Manchester Music Endowment

    Established in 2001 by Lifetime Honorary Trustee Betsy Manchester and Doug Manchester, parents of Molly ’84, Katie ’85, Sally ’88, Annie ’99, and Doug ’01 Manchester; grandparents of Madeleine ’13, Anne ’15 and Ford ’19 Eldredge, in support of Bishop’s student-musicians. 
  • The McCain Family Trust

    Established in 2000 by Mollie and Ken McCain, parents of Matthew ’99 and Justin ’02 McCain. As a former School Trustee, Mr. McCain and his family support the School in its mission to help qualified students benefit from a strong academic middle and upper school environment, leading to college and success in life. 
  • The Melisa Reasner McGuire ’82 Endowed Scholarship

    Established in 2008 by Kaye and Dick Woltman in memory of their daughter Melisa Reasner McGuire ‘82 who recognized Bishop’s as a powerful influence in her academic and personal growt
  • The Noell-Davis Family

    Established in 2001 by Charles Noell and Paula Davis Noell, parents of Helen ’00 and Eleanor ’04 Noell, to support the School in its mission to help qualified students. 
  • The Rev. Dr. Raymond E. Daly III

    Established in 1987 by Dr. Raymond Daly to provide financial aid assistance for well rounded boys and girls. Dr. Daly strongly supports Christian institutions. 
  • The Right Reverend C. Brinkley Morton

    Established in 1992 by the former Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego and his many friends throughout the County. Bishop Morton passed away in 1994 and this fund is a loving memorial to him. 
  • The Saxten Family

    Established in 2001 by Dana and Sandy Saxten, parents of Susie Saxten ‘05, to support the School in its mission to help qualified students. 
  • The Thomas Family

    Established in 2007 by Tina and David Thomas and their children, Conner ’08, Tighe ’08, Brent ’11, and Caroline ’15 Thomas, to provide financial aid support to talented and deserving students, particularly from moderate-income families.
  • The Traylor Family

    Established in 1992 by Emily and Harwood Werkheiser to honor their grandchildren, Kerry 80, Robin ‘85, and John ’88 Traylor. 
  • Venture in Mission

    Established in 1979 when the Presiding Bishop and General Convention of the Episcopal Church called upon its members to join in a program known as Venture in Mission. This financial aid commitment gives dollar evidence of Episcopalian support for Christian education and is restricted to a minority student. 
  • William and Kristin Ewald

    Established in 2009 with a gift from Kristin Ewald, parent of Jake Ewald ’10, to honor the memory of her late husband, William Ewald. This fund will provide financial aid support in perpetuity, allowing male students with academic promise and financial need to receive a Bishop’s education. 
  • Wright Family

    Established in 1984 by an anonymous benefactor in recognition of the excellence in college preparatory education at Bishop's. Susanne Wright Spreen ‘67 and Lynne Wright McLeish ‘70 were boarding students. 
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