First-Round National Merit College Scholarships Announced
Cathy Morrison

Connor was offered the National Merit Purdue University Scholarship, and Yumei was awarded the National Merit University of Southern California Scholarship. “Pursuant to an Agreement with National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC),” these college-sponsored scholarships were awarded by the universities for the students’ exclusive use at their respective institutions, according to information provided by the NMSC.

The NMSC notes, “About 180 colleges and universities currently underwrite approximately 4,000 National Merit Scholarships in each annual competition. Only Finalists who plan to attend a college or university that sponsors Merit Scholarship awards can be considered for one. Winners are chosen by officials of the sponsoring college or university. Each Finalist who accepts a college-sponsored award must use it at the institution financing it.”

The June 1 public announcement stated that these awards were among “the first round of college-sponsored awards offered on May 2.” A second round of NMSC college scholarships will be announced on July 11.

Congratulations, Connor and Yumei!