Knights Booster Group Members

Athletic Director - Joel Allen
President - Juli Oh Browne
Secretary - Janice Hester
Team Parent Liaison - Cari Massaad
Dungeon Liaison - Cari Massaad
Middle School - Audrey Buchner
Middle School - Jennifer McIlvaine Landa
Events and Programs - Tricia Faltinsky
Events and Programs - Lisa Schroeder
Club Teams - Nancy Jo Cappetta

Dungeon Members

Matt Buckley '18
Collin Douglas '18
Garth Erdossy '18
Scotty Latimer '18
Chris Lee '18
Andy Semo '18

Knights Booster Group

The Knights Booster Group (KBG) is comprised of dedicated parents whose primary purpose is to provide support to our student athletes. This is accomplished by working hand-in-hand with our athletic department, coaches, team parents and the Bishop’s Dungeon. The goal of the KBG is to bring a high level of enthusiasm and excitement to our student body, by uniting everyone through sports and sports education. We recognize that participation in high school athletics benefits everyone and promotes opportunities to build and strengthen relationships among all involved: the student body, coaches, faculty, parents and the community. Our objective is to ensure:

  • A positive experience for all student athletes both on and off the field
  • All teams receive recognition and spirit support through our fall, winter and spring sports assemblies
  • Student athletes who have exceled in their given sport are recognized on and off campus
  • Sports educational programs are provided for the overall safety and well being of our student athletes
  • Proper sportsmanship and maintaining the history and tradition of excellence for all student athletes 
The KBG is available to assist all teams and their team parents. Each team is welcome to use any of the many items needed to provide for additional spirit support, including: portable sound systems, pop-up tents, spirit flags, banners and rally towels. In addition, for each “white-out” and/or themed game, the KBG assists in bringing additional support from the Dungeon, media and photographers. We also work with our middle school sports teams to ensure that they too are given the spirit support they need.

The Dungeon

With a blend of cheer, fun antics and loads of enthusiasm, the Bishop’s Dungeon brings just the right kind of spirit needed for school sports at Bishop’s. The Dungeon is led by a group of seniors dedicated to keeping the student body excited about athletics. The Dungeon makes every effort to attract attendance at big games, promote white-outs against rival teams and use the spirit accessories provided to them from the Knights Booster Group. The Dungeon is also responsible for running our Bishop’s sports assemblies for the upper school. These assemblies take place at the end of each fall, winter and spring season, and showcase each team with highlights and recognition given to four-year athletes, as well as a individual awards given to the athletes who, in the eyes of his or her teammates, faithfully and consistently provide inspiration, leadership, loyalty, dependability and sportsmanship. The Knights Booster Group supports the Dungeon by providing them with funds and guidance to help them do their job effectively. This year, the Dungeon will be helping our athletic department participate in KUSI's “Battle of the Fans” to prove to everyone in San Diego what great spirit we have at Bishop’s!
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