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Ceramics has been a part of civilization for thousands of years. It satisfies the most utilitarian need as well as taking many forms of human expression, such as the Alhambra Gardens in Spain and the Watts Towers in Los Angeles. At Bishop’s the ceramics classes use these observations as a starting point to make pieces with intent, whether it is for personal expression or to enhance something mundane.

Introductory level classes foster a basic understanding of ceramic materials with a hands-on approach. Students learn clay construction techniques that utilize handbuilding, molds and the potter’s wheel. These classes give the students a place for creative experimentation and an opportunity to make a variety of works.

Intermediate and advanced classes build on this foundation and allow the students to perfect techniques and develop a more individual approach to ceramics. Traditional or innovative inspiration can come in many forms and will vary from student to student. 

Upper School Gallery

Upper School Ceramics

Middle School Gallery

Middle School Ceramics

Stained Glass

In this course, students transform a pencil drawing into a brilliant stained glass piece. Intermediate projects branch from two-dimensional work to three-dimensional sculptures. Although this course allows for functioning craft art, it also supports students who are interested in incorporating glass media into their fine art portfolio.

Upper School Gallery

Upper School Stained Glass

Middle School Gallery

Middle School Stained Glass
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