In recognition of Bishop’s Centennial Celebration, the Alumni Association announced the creation of an Alumni Awards Program aimed at paying tribute to the contributions of alumni, faculty and the Bishop’s community. Recipients are awarded at the annual Ellen Browning Scripps Day Celebration event managed by the Alumni Association Board. (One award will be given yearly, additional awards will be celebrated as determined by the Alumni Association Board). Alumni are encouraged to nominate classmates and friends for consideration.

Ellen Browning Scripps Distinguished Alumni Award

The award is presented to an alumna/us who, through personal achievement, has brought honor and distinction to him or herself and The Bishop’s School. The award honors a recipient who has had a broad impact in the pursuit of their goals and has attracted wide recognition for their accomplishments. In the spirit of the School’s mission, the recipient demonstrates integrity, imagination, moral responsibility and commitment to serving the larger community. And, in the spirit of Ellen Browning Scripps, the recipient serves as an inspirational role model for alumni of today and tomorrow.

Michael W. Teitelman Leadership Award

The Michael W. Teitelman Leadership Award was established in 2008 to honor an outstanding member of the Bishop’s community who exemplifies the leadership and the ideals of Michael W. Teitelman, Bishop’s Headmaster for more than a quarter century. The award is presented to a visionary leader who has been transformative in shaping the minds, hearts and spirit of the Bishop’s community. The award honors those who, apart from their personal achievements, have supported and encouraged others to advance the goals of Bishop’s. Above all else, the recipient exemplifies honor, integrity and leadership of the highest character.

Service to Bishop’s Award

The award honors an alumni recipient’s generous, loyal and energetic commitment to The Bishop’s School. He/she has distinguished him/herself as a dedicated, supportive member of The Bishop’s School and has contributed time and talent above and beyond the call to propel the School towards its goals.

Rosamond Larmour Loomis Alumni Service Award

The award honors a member of the Bishop’s family who demonstrates through his/her volunteer or vocational endeavors an exemplary sense of initiative, caring and dedication to making the world a better place. He/she has brought honor to the School through outstanding service and contributions to their communities and those around the globe.

Alumni Achievement Award

This award is bestowed upon alumni whose careers have been highly distinguished, and whose achievements and contributions are widely recognized as significant and outstanding in their field of endeavor. Award recipients have brought honor to themselves, their colleagues and their profession.

Young Alumni Award

The award was created to acknowledge an alumna/us whose distinguished service to the School, society or professional endeavor sets an outstanding example for future alumni. The recipient’s passion, energy and effectiveness provide inspiration for other young alumni of the future. Recipients must be alumni of fifteen years or less.

Former Honorees

In the spring of 2021, we are "catching up with" former honorees:
Watch Melissa Winter's '85 conversation with Bishop’s Head of School Ron Kim. Melissa shares about her role as Michelle Obama's chief-of-staff, her thoughts on leadership, advice for students and more.

Ellen Browning Scripps Distinguished Alumni Award: Mary Coleman '82
Rosamond Larmour Loomis Alumni Service Award: Gay Johnston Crawford '61
Michael W. Teitelman Leadership Award: Marcia Harrod, retired faculty and coach

Ellen Browning Scripps Distinguished Alumni Award: Thomas V. Wornham '78
Young Alumni Award: Roy H. Perkins, Jr. '08
Michael W. Teitelman Leadership Award: Louise Carmon, choral music

Ellen Browning Scripps Distinguished Alumni Award:
(part one of videopart two of video)
Margie Gengler Smith ’69
Louise Gengler Thomas ’71
Nancy Gengler-Saint ’74
Jeannie Gengler Swiacki ’76
Ellen Browning Scripps Distinguished Alumni Award: Lee Jenkins, Class of 1995
Service to Bishop’s Award: Don Carlson, Class of 1980
Michael W. Teitelman Leadership Award: Courtney Flanagan, performing arts faculty

Ellen Browning Scripps Distinguished Alumni Award: Marc Rosen, Class of 1994
Service to Bishop's Award: Gretchen Stroschein Thomson, Class of 1959
Michael W. Teitelman Leadership Award: Sara Sweet, Director of Food Service

Ellen Browning Scripps Distinguished Alumni Award: Susan Howell Mallory, Class of 1972
Service to Bishops Award: Gretchen Trekell Sargeant, Class of 1977
Michael W. Teitelman Leadership Award: David Johnston, Mathematics


Ellen Browning Scripps Distinguished Alumni Award: Gary Jules Aguirre, Class of 1987
Service to Bishops Award: Karen Milburn Gabsch, Class of 1961
Michael W. Teitelman Leadership Award: Kelley Lowe, Visual Arts


Ellen Browning Scripps Distinguished Alumni Award: Melissa Winter, Class of 1985
Alumni Achievement Award: Christiane Covington, Class of 1975
Michael W. Teitelman Leadership Award: Melinda Hennessey, History


Ellen Browning Scripps Distinguished Alumni Award: Ann Wyckoff Carlos, Class of 1956
Ellen Browning Scripps Distinguished Alumni Award: Susan Wyckoff, Class of 1958
Young Alumni Award: Emily Holland, Class of 1997
Michael W. Teitelman Leadership Award: Suzanne Weiner, Marketing

Ellen Browning Scripps Distinguished Alumni Award: Karin Winner, Class of 1962
Service to Bishops Award: Adele Weindenkopf Kayser, Class of 1945
Service to Bishops Award: Susan Fleet Welsch, Class of 1963
Rosamond Larmour Loomis Alumni Service Award: Alison Adams Royle, Class of 1957
Rosamond Larmour Loomis Alumni Service Award: Sandra Neville Haggart, Class of 1961
Alumni Career Achievement Award: Honore Sharrer Zagorin, Class of 1938
Alumni Career Achievement Award: Eric Lax, Class of 1962, San Miguel
Alumni Career Achievement Award: Dr. Carlotta Allen Glackin, Class of 1972
Young Alumni Award: Kristin Davidson, Class of 1997
Faculty and Staff Distinguished Service Award: Michael Teitelman, Former Headmaster


Alumna Honoree of the Year: Lisa Milner Masterson, Class of 1983
Faculty Honoree of the Year: June Cheng Dandliker, Math


Bonnie St. John '82
Jane Bradford


Former Headmistress Rosamond Larmour Loomis


Nancy Keebler Bissell '57
Robert Gleason '83


Rosalie “Pinkie” Wornham


Christine Galan '80
James Updegraff


Annie Wolterstorff Love '65
Right Reverend Robert M. Wolterstorff


Former Headmistress Dorothy Williams
Deborah Meanley Goddard `69
The Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation


The Reverend Lawrence H. Waddy


Coach Sam Manneh


Class of 1948


Emily Fenton Hunte Black '28


Judge Herbert J. Exarhos '58
Thomas E. Holliday '67
Dr. George W. Rutherford III '70


Jennifer Paul Terpstra '72


Former Headmistress Ruth Jenkins
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