Application Process

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • How will I know when you have received recommendations, transcripts and other supporting documents?

    Once you submit the application, we set up a checklist for you in the application portal. You can check the status of your application and receipt of the recommendations, transcripts and supporting documents. Please allow the Admissions office time to process documents and for items to appear as completed on your checklist, particularly during our busy admissions season. Please do not worry if an item is not checked off on your checklist; if any materials are missing from your file, we will contact you.
  • Do you offer financial assistance?

    Yes! Bishop’s seeks to attract talented students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Financial assistance is need-based, not based on a student’s academic, athletic or artistic ability. More information on the financial aid application and process can be found here.
  • How does the waitlist work?

    Unfortunately, we have more qualified applicants than we have spaces for across all entry points. Some applicants may be offered a place on the waitlist when decisions are announced. It is important to return the response card sent by the Admissions Office indicating that the child wishes to remain on the waitlist. We do not have a ranked waitlist; should a space become available, the admissions committee will look to the waitlist to best fill that particular opening.
  • Does Bishop's accept international students?

    Yes, The Bishop's School enrolls students from all over the world. However, Bishop's does not have an English Language Learning (ELL) program. Thus, international applicants must meet the same admissions criteria listed on the admissions checklist page. We do not have boarding facilities nor do we offer homestay accommodations. It is the responsibility of the applicant family to provide proof of legal guardianship if the applicant resides with individuals other than their parents. Proof of health insurance is also required of international students. If an international student is accepted and enrolls at The Bishop's School, an I-20 will be issued. Please click here for more information.
  • Do alumni and sibling applicants have preference?

    Qualified alumni and sibling applicants have preference over an equally-qualified family new to The Bishop’s School.
  • For Middle School applicants, is it better to apply in sixth or seventh grade?

    Many families struggle with this decision if the child’s current school goes through sixth grade. Each child is different. While some children may be ready to transition to a new school in sixth  grade, others may benefit from completing the terminal grade at their current school. There is no difference in the admissions process when applying for sixth or seventh grade and both grade-level teams do a phenomenal job supporting new students in their transition to Bishop’s.
  • What is the admission rate?

    About 43% of applicants to Bishop’s are admitted across all grades. Each application is given careful consideration within our holistic review process.

Community Information

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • Do you have to be Episcopal/Christian to attend The Bishop’s School?

    No! The Bishop’s community is made up of students and families representing a wide variety of religious beliefs. Rooted in the Episcopal tradition, Bishop’s is intentionally pluralistic; we honor and embrace diversity as it enriches the school community.
  • What types of schools do most of your students come from?

    Last year we received applications from 157 different schools. There is no preference given to students from certain schools. We consider how well students have maximized the educational opportunities offered them during their primary and/or middle school years.
  • Is there a “typical” Bishop’s student?

    No. Bishop’s students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. The common thread among Bishop’s students is their love of learning, kind and inclusive character, record of academic success, willingness to try new things and desire to be actively engaged in the school community and beyond.
  • What is the average class size?

    The average class size ranges between 14 and 16 students. In upper level classes and electives, advanced honors or Advanced Placement (AP) classes, class sizes decrease slightly.
  • How would you characterize your faculty?

    Our faculty are passionate educators. Many of our faculty coach sports teams or act as club/activity sponsors while remaining available to counsel students who come to them for help. In fact, 25 minutes of Office Hours are available after school each day for this purpose. Our faculty provide both youthful enthusiasm and veteran wisdom. Bishop’s faculty have been recruited from throughout the country and more than two-thirds hold advanced degrees.
  • Do you offer transportation?

    Yes. The School offers transportation service at designated locations from North County to Chula Vista. Families may subscribe to one-way or round-trip bus transportation.
  • What opportunities are available for parental involvement?

    The Bishop's School community is a partnership of school and family. Parent organizations include the Parents' Association, Performing Arts Circle, Knights Booster Group, Eye on Visual Arts and the Global Education Initiative. All five groups are active in sponsoring and hosting School events, offering parents a variety of opportunities for engagement. The strength of parent involvement and support is illustrated in the 97 percent annual giving rate of our parent community last year.
  • Do you have a school uniform?

    Yes. Students wear uniforms every day except for free dress days and during spirit week. Uniforms can be purchased at Click the School tab and search for our uniform items using "The Bishop’s School" or school number 900064130. The School’s Bookstore provides P.E. uniforms, sweaters, ties, sweatshirts and school logo items.
  • Are there support systems for new students and families?

    Yes! Each new student has a support system in place to ensure a smooth transition throughout his or her first year at Bishop's. Every new family is assigned a current Bishop’s family through the Parent Ambassador Program. During the summer, Ambassadors begin the transition process with an informal gathering for two families. In late August, all new students attend a new student orientation. In September, our signature class Retreat Program introduces all new students to the School and facilitates their transition with their peers. Retreats help develop class unity through quality time with classmates and faculty advisors.

    Each student at Bishop's is assigned a faculty advisor with whom they will meet daily to support them in the social, emotional and academic transition phases. Faculty advisors work with approximately 10-12 students.
  • What college counseling resources are available?

    The College Counseling office supports students and families through the college search and application process. The four college counselors work with students as a class beginning in ninth grade. Individual student meetings with the students’ assigned college counselor begin in the spring of tenth grade. Detailed information about college counseling and college matriculation information can be found online.
For more information, contact the Admissions Office at (858) 375-9431 or email
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The Bishop’s School is an independent, coeducational college-preparatory day school for students in grades six through twelve who live throughout San Diego County. Founded in 1909, the School is affiliated with the Episcopal church.