Middle School

The Middle School Statement of Purpose at The Bishop’s School guides us as we work with our students. We recognize that middle school learners have unique intellectual, physical, social, emotional and character development needs. We believe middle school learning experiences should be integrated and connect to life while opening doors to new ideas that evoke curiosity and the desire to explore. Therefore, our teachers advocate learning opportunities that engage students in problem solving and allow them to learn and express themselves in a variety of ways. We value a wide range of teaching techniques and assessments of students’ progress in achieving both academic success and healthy behaviors.


Bishop’s Middle School provides a transition period between elementary and upper school. These three years are viewed as a special time to address the needs of early adolescents by appropriately designing their curricular and co-curricular experiences. Implementing an interdisciplinary approach, faculty assist middle school students in responding to thematic ideas and questions; for the sixth grader it is “Beyond Boundaries” and “Exploring Borders,” for the seventh grader, the question of “Who am I?” is woven into discussions, while in the eighth grade, students examine “Who am I in this world?”

The whole-child emphasis of the middle school program is based on building study and thinking skills, taking responsibility for one’s own education, and developing self-confidence and a sense of moral responsibility. In addition to an integrated teaching approach that shows the relationships among academic subjects, middle school students are exposed to a wide variety of arts and athletic co-curricular activities as well as assemblies and speakers throughout the year that address age-appropriate needs.


Course Requirements

List of 3 items.

  • Sixth Grade

    • English 6
    • Math (placement determined by department)
    • History 6
    • Science 6
    • World Languages (Spanish, French, Chinese and Latin)
    • Sixth Grade Physical Education
  • Seventh Grade

    • English 7
    • Math (placement determined by department)
    • Social Studies 7
    • Science 7
    • Intro I of a World Language (student’s choice of language)
    • Seventh Grade Physical Education
  • Eighth Grade

    • English 8
    • Math (placement determined by department)
    • American History 8
    • Science 8
    • Intro II of a World Language
    • World Religions (one semester)
    • Eighth Grade Semester Elective 
    • Eighth Grade Physical Education
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