Global Education

The Bishop's School has a long tradition of preparing its students with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to thrive in a global world. In our curricular and extra-curricular activities, we seek to provide an education for our students that meets the expectations of our diverse, multicultural student body and prepares them for life in the global village. Part of our mission is to nurture global citizenship by training leaders who can be agents of positive global change.

At Bishop’s, we understand “Global Education” to include the following elements:

1. Knowledge/Global IQ – Providing our students with a global knowledge base through our curriculum content – studying the geography, culture, language, history, peoples, religions, customs, scientific and technical challenges that confront the world in the 21st century.

2. Skills – Providing pedagogy appropriate for 21st century global education so that Bishop’s students have the necessary skill sets to learn, explore, analyze and effectively interact with global affairs and cultures. Such core skills and classroom activities appropriate to global education include project-based learning, team work, attentive listening, negotiation and conflict resolution.

3. Experience – Providing opportunities for Bishop’s students to experience and interact with global societies and cultures that often have different perspectives and social values from those in the United States. Locally, this involves bringing the world to Bishop’s, connecting our community to the global village in San Diego by hosting guest speakers in classes and at assemblies, chapels and enrichments; recognizing and celebrating our multicultural heritage as a community; and promoting participation in local multicultural events and cultural celebrations. Globally, this involves taking Bishop’s students out into the world by promoting and organizing international trips (language exchanges, cultural immersion and enrichment, community service); study abroad opportunities (for a year, a semester, or during summer/spring breaks); cultural exchanges (including on campus); work experience and business internships; and opportunities for research and field work.
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