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Parent and Family Involvement

families visiting tables on the quad at Bishop's open house

Parents' Association

The Bishop's School community is a partnership of school and family, led by our Parents’ Association (PA). PA volunteers plan and organize more than 50 events to engage and support the School community. Parents are encouraged to become involved - whether they can “do a little or do a lot” - there is an opportunity for each person. The PA holds monthly meetings and in addition to the Association’s business, they often feature remarks by the head of school. The meeting agenda also includes guest speakers who offer insights into School programs or speak about topics of interest for parents of adolescents. Parents who participate in PA projects and events experience first-hand programs that enrich their children’s lives and promote their development. By working with others they help to create the special Bishop’s magic.


President: Jenn Beamer 

President Elect: Wendy Gibbons
Past President: Heidi Gutierrez
Vice President - Communications: Abby Feldman
Vice President - Events: Janice Upton
Secretary: Teresa Sekiguchi
Treasurer: Jane Watkins
Member at Large: Emma Morrison

Bishop's Family Partnership

Adult community members are invited to monthly education and discussions about the challenges related to parenting and supporting students, including social media, anxiety, identity and more. Dates and details about events are shared in Knights News.

Knights Booster Group

Knights Booster Group (KBG) is a group of parent volunteers who work with the Bishop's Athletic Department to support Bishop's sports teams, student-athletes and coaches, as well as to promote school spirit and build school community around athletic events. Throughout the school year, KBG organizes team parents and spirit events including Bish Bowl, coordinates snack bar coverage and partners with the athletic department to present educational programs on student-athlete health and safety and the college recruiting process.

 Follow us on Instagram @knightsboostergroup


President: Wendy Gibbons
President Elect: Jenn Beamer
Past President: Jennifer Landa
Vice President - Events: Julie Turner
Assistant Vice President - Events: Micaela Jeffery
Treasurer: Kyndra Leach
Vice President - Communications: Patricia Keefe
Assistant Vice President - Communications: Casey Armstrong
Vice President - Middle School Sports: Gina Rippel
Assistant Vice President - Middle School Sports: Birte Lightner
Member at Large/Club Sports: Juli Oh Browne
Member at Large/Snack Bar Coordinator: Annette Dunlap

Performing Arts Circle

The Performing Arts Circle (PAC) is an organization of parents "volunteering in the wings" to support and promote Bishop's exceptional performing arts program. Membership in the PAC is open to all Bishop's parents and supporters.


President: Kiyon Chang
President Elect: Mimi Brunson
Past President: Angela Nahl
Secretary: Amy Huber
Treasurer: Ashley Tang

Chair Positions
Box Office: Kurt Marek
Communication Chair: Katie Alexander
National Youth Arts/Other Awards: Alyssa (Pan) Guo
Graphic Design and Program Production: Krista Callaghan 
Production Parent Advisor: Wyomi Yockey
House Manager Advisor: Indu Philip
AW/Upper School Drama: Amita Hollingshead
Instrumental Music: Olivier Laurent
Jazz Band: Abby Lin, Nikki Bubpha
MT8/Middle School Drama: Wyomi Yockey
Technical Theater:  Amy Huber, Rebecca Rudy
Upper School Choral Music: Monica Oder, Michelle Yuan
Middle School Choral Music: Nita Mehta
Upper School Dance: Janet Li, Kiyon Chung
Videography Coordinator: Nita Mehta

Bishop's Visual Arts Community

Bishop's Visual Arts Community (BVAC) is a hands-on creative group of parents who support the School's visual arts program.  BVAC creates a welcoming, personalized resource for families to engage in visual arts.  Innovation and creativity are key to the visual arts and to BVAC.  

The governance of BVAC strives for equal opportunities in leadership and engagement. Visual arts faculty works with the Community to assemble volunteer opportunities and communicate with BVAC supporters. Throughout the year, there are approximately 10-20 parents who form a team of support; all members of Bishop's community are welcome to participate. The areas of interest include: art installations and receptions; visiting artists; excursion; off-campus events; graphic designers; promotion and communication; documentation; PAC liaison; and art supply management. 


Lead Parent: Song Zhang
Communications Committee: Olga Monico, Shelly Wu
Volunteer Coordinator: Alyssa Guo
Exhibition Committee: Emily Dai
Parent PAC Liaison: Alyssa Guo, Wyomi Yockey
Photography Committee: Wanya Korn, Maria Talantova
Gatherings/Socials: Wyomi Yockey

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