Board of Trustees
The Bishop’s Board of Trustees holds the School “in trust” for future generations and is the highest-level decision-making authority. The board uses the School’s mission statement and strategic goals as guideposts for board decisions. Board business is conducted in accordance with approved bylaws, last revised in April 2018.

The board delegates responsibility for managing day-to-day operations to the head of school and does not intervene in the daily affairs of the School, such as curriculum development, admissions or personnel. Instead, the board focuses on three areas critical to the success of any independent school: 

  1. adopting a clear statement of Bishop’s mission and vision with particular focus on long-range and strategic issues;
  2. selecting, evaluating and supporting the head of school who is charged with the management of the School; and
  3. being accountable for the financial, legal and reputational well-being of the School.
The volunteer board is comprised of current parents, alumni, parents of alumni and community members. The head of school is an ex-officio member of the board. A significant portion of the board’s work is done through its eight committees that focus on fiduciary, strategic and advancement initiatives for the long-term health of the School.

In the conduct of its official business, the board acts only as a whole; individual trustees, including the board president, have no authority to act unless specifically authorized to do so by the board acting as a whole.

Trustees are asked to serve up to two three-year terms and serve on two committees. The Governance Committee continually identifies and evaluates trustee candidates from the parent, alumni and wider communities to ensure diversity of experience, perspective and skills. Members of the Governance Committee meet with candidates and speak with those who know them to determine their strengths, experience serving on previous boards, alignment with the mission and interest in sharing their time, talent and treasure. The committee makes recommendations of highly-qualified candidates to the board, which elects trustees each April for the following school year. 

From time to time, ad hoc committees or task forces may be formed to address specific issues or projects (for example, strategic planning).


List of 8 items.

  • Advancement

    All members of the Board share responsibility for the success of the Advancement program.

    The Advancement Committee recommends development strategy and policy to the Board of Trustees in keeping with the School’s mission, purpose and strategic plan. Specific responsibilities include: annual giving; financial aid funding; auction; capital and endowment campaigns; alumni and parent relations (including parents of students and alumni); special events; planned giving; and stewardship to enhance our culture of philanthropy and school traditions. These responsibilities may be individually staged or coordinated within an overall comprehensive campaign.

    Committee Chair: Kristopher Lichter '89
  • Audit and Risk Management Committee

    The Audit and Rick Committee assists the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities.

    The committee’s role includes a particular focus on the qualitative aspects of financial reporting and on organization processes for the management of risk, and for compliance with significant applicable tax, legal, ethical and regulatory requirements. The role of the committee also includes coordination with other committees of the Board, and the maintenance of strong and positive working relationships with the administration of the school, the external auditors, counsel to the school and any advisors to the committee.

    Committee Chair: Regina Buckley
  • Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Head of School, COO/CFO and Committee Chairs. The Executive Committee coordinates the work of the Board, serves as a sounding board for the Head and the Board President, and makes recommendations to the full Board on important issues. The committee assists in planning Board meeting agendas and monitors adherence to the school’s mission, long-term strategic and annual goals.

    Committee Chair: Barbara Edwards '84
  • Facilities Committee

    The Facilities Committee advises on the sustainable maintenance of the site to support program.

    • It makes recommendations from time to time to the Board as to the needs and priorities of new facilities or use and maintenance of existing facilities.
    • It periodically reports to the Board on the physical condition of the present plant.
    • It helps in developing and maintaining a campus master plan and in developing strategies for acquisition of properties adjacent to the School.
    • It provides recommendations to the Finance and Investment Committee on short-term and long-term facility needs, costs, time schedules and priorities for use in establishing budgets. 

    Committee Chair: Lake Price
  • Finance and Investment Committee

    The Board of Trustees has primary responsibility for the long-term fiscal health of the school. The Finance and Investment Committee is responsible for the following:
    • Provides prudent oversight of the financial operations of the school, to review the fiscal impact of proposed new Board initiatives, and to make recommendations to the Board on financial decisions
    • Preparation, in conjunction with the Head of School, of the annual budget and for its submission to the Board
    • Review of the quarterly and annual financial statements. Review of the complete audit of the School’s finances by outside auditors
    • The prudent investment and care of the School’s assets, within the guidelines established by the Board
    • Monitoring compliance with any loan or bond covenants
    Committee Chair: Peter Arrowsmith
  • Governance Committee

    The Governance Committee ensures that the Board of Trustees provides effective governance for the school.
    • Monitors the overall health of the Board and Board relationships
    • Establishes criteria and Board needs for new Trustees and continually looks for and develops a list of potential Trustees.
    • Responsible for presenting recommendations to the full Board for filling vacancies on the Board, for nominating a slate of officers for the Board’s consideration each year, and for advising the President regarding selection of Standing Committee chairs.
    • Responsible for orientation of new Trustees and for identifying and providing Board education
    • Conducts an annual self-assessment of the Board.
    • Ensures that the Bylaws accurately reflect the structure and method of operation of the school, meet current legal standards and recommends any revisions to the Board.
    • Is responsible for succession of the Board President
    • A subcommittee of the Governance Committee evaluates the performance of the Head of School annually and reviews and establishes his or her compensation.

    Committee Chair: Don Carlson '80
  • Strategic Design Committee

    The Strategic Design Team (SDT) ensures the design and delivery of a vision, strategy, and priorities that align with the mission and values of Bishop’s. The SDT guides and synthesizes the research, product, and ongoing recommendations of Learning Teams, as well as the qualitative research conducted with your community. The SDT facilitates communications with and coordination of stakeholders, acts as a filtering mechanism, and works in partnership with Greenwich Leadership Partners (GLP) to design and manage the process.

    Committee Chair: Barbara Edwards '84
  • Student Life, Diversity and Globalization Committee

    The Student Life, Diversity and Globalization Committee provides oversight of the school’s efforts to achieve and sustain a diverse school community, to serve the whole student, to advance character development and leadership skills, and to include a meaningful global education element as part of the school’s overall program. The committee makes such recommendations as necessary to the Board, and acts in an advisory capacity to the Head of School.

    Committee Chair: Christopher Tenorio

Officers of the Board of Trustees 2020-2021

Chairman of the Board
The Rt. Rev Susan Brown Snook, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego

Barbara Carson Edwards '84

Haeyoung Tang 

Peter Arrowsmith

Regina Buckley

Members of the Board of Trustees 2020-2021

Mac Armstrong '93 
Peter Arrowsmith
David Bagley
Juli Oh Browne
Regina Buckley
Don Carlson '80
Barbara Carson Edwards '84
Ric Erdman
Doug Forsyth
Heidi Gutierrez
Laurel Hanson '87
Kristopher Lichter '89
Annie Wolterstorff Love '65
Kelly Parsons '88
Lake Price
Corinne Perkins Ross ‘97
Mike Ryan
The Rt. Rev. Susan Brown Snook
Martha Howton Sottosanti '88
Haeyoung Tang
Christopher Tenorio 
Mimi Holman Test '61
Christy Pharr Wilson '67
Andrew Wooden
Clara Wu 
Keith Wyer '95
Gaylene Xanthopoulos 

Honorary Lifetime Trustees

Brad Geier
Jan Ann Kahler
Betsy Manchester
Anne McCarthy
Gretchen Stroschein Thomson '59
Susan Fleet Welsch '63
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