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"The most important and beautiful gift one human being can give to another is, in some way, to make life a little better to live."

Ellen Browning Scripps

Purpose is the dedication to something that brings both meaning and joy to one's life, and also contributes to a greater good.
Graphic in the shape of an egg outlining Bishop's strategic plan
In order to act with greater purpose, students need to:
1. know what matters most to them, and where they find meaning and joy in their lives (Discernment);
2. identify the difference between a goal and a purpose, and learn how to construct their lives around worthy commitments (Discernment);

3. develop a “beyond-the-self motivation” and a sense of responsibility and concern for the world around them (Discovery);
4. believe that change is possible (Hope), and trust they have something of value to contribute (Agency). Hope + Agency → (Action)


Student Programs

Greater Purpose

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