Bishop's Institute for Educators

Bishop's Institute for Educators is designed for middle and high school teachers, coaches and deans. Classes are led by Bishop's faculty, but organized as opportunities for adults to learn together - and from each other. All classes take place on the beautiful Bishop's campus in La Jolla, California. Join us for four days of summer learning!
Program Schedule
A typical program will run for three days in July 2020.

Approx. $875 - Includes coffee, snacks and lunch. Participants are responsible for their own transportation and lodging (a list of nearby hotel blocks will be available), breakfast and dinners. 

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Please email with questions. 

Potential Workshops

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  • Athletic Director Workshop

    The day-to-day work as the director of athletics is most successful when no one notices. From managing games, schedules, referees, coaches, student-athletes and parents; the work done by the athletics department can be difficult to recognize but easy to criticize.
    Throughout this program, participants will be encouraged to stop and think about the challenges today’s student-athletes are facing from social media, recruiting and the pressure of academic success. This workshop will provide the tools to connect with your athletes, coaches and parents with a focus on the importance of mental, emotional and physical health.

    Over the course of four days participants will also take a deep dive into how to manage staff, recruit and retain coaches, manage a budget, work with parents and pursue a new definition of success.  

    Participants in this workshop will:
    • Identify productive recruiting/hiring techniques for coaches
    • Role play tough conversations with parents/coaches/athletes 
    • Help identify key behaviors needed to create a positive athletics culture 
    • Discuss best practices for creating a competitive and successful athletics department at highly academic schools
    This workshop is geared toward individuals who are interested in becoming an athletic director or those who have been an athletic director for fewer than five years.

    Workshop Facilitator: Bishop’s Director of Athletics Joel Allen
  • Dean of Students Workshop

    Have you ever wondered what the life of a dean of students is like? Through case studies, policy reviews and role-play, this hands-on workshop will offer insight into the various aspects of a dean’s life. Topics will include student handbook policies and jurisdiction, minor and major discipline issues and considerations, student support, internal and external investigations, developing student leadership, creating a strong support team, and communicating clearly with parents and faculty. 

    Participants in this workshop will:

    • Examine case-studies that illuminate various aspects of a student support team
    • Weigh jurisdictional issues as they relate to a student handbook
    • Write and explore specific school protocols and policies
    • Consider how to build a student support team
    • Explore ways to collect and analyze data related to student support
    This four-day workshop is designed for individuals who are interested in becoming a dean of students or those who have been a dean of students for fewer than four years. 

    Workshop Facilitator: Bishop’s Dean of Students Michael Beamer
  • Speech and Debate Team Coaching Workshop

    No skill is more vital (and sorely lacking) in the 21st century than effective verbal communication. Speech and debate teams are an essential tool for developing communication and critical thinking skills in our students which will help them succeed both in class and in their future careers. Speech and debate advisors and coaches are vital to the success of these academic teams, but the tasks involved can be quite daunting.

    This four-day workshop will break down the various components of the job and provide a collaborative, oceanview setting to discuss best practices. Topics will include team creation and growth, student leadership, logistics and financing, review of various speech and debate events, effective practice techniques, tournaments and competitions, curricular and extracurricular team models and oratorical exercises.

    Participants in this workshop will:
    • Share tips for team creation and growth
    • Review and experience a variety of speech and debate events
    • Discuss tournament preparation and logistics
    • Consider various curricular and extracurricular team models
    • Hear from experienced student leaders
    • Model prepared and extemporaneous oratorical exercises
    This workshop is geared toward new speech and debate advisors and coaches, as well as those with some experience who wish to further develop their teams.

    Workshop Facilitator: Bishop’s Speech and Debate Coach Matthew Valji
  • Writing Teacher Workshop

    What better setting to grow professionally than by the La Jolla seashore. As teachers of writing, we rarely find the time to try out the assignments we give our students. The Bishop's Institute for Educators offers teachers the opportunity to rethink how we teach composition by looking closely at the prompts we assign, process writing steps, workshop strategies and effective feedback techniques.
    Participants in this workshop will:

    • Evaluate teacher-generated writing prompts
    • Write an analysis paper, personal essay, or personal narrative
    • Workshop their own papers in small groups
    • Discuss best practices for scaffolding the writing process
    • Consider how to respond most effectively to student compositions 
    This four-day workshop is open to both novice and experienced teachers. As educators, we can anticipate the challenges our students will face by sharing our writing with a supportive group of fellow teacher-writers.

    Workshop Facilitator: Bishop’s English Teacher Amy Allen
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