The Bishop’s School envisions its graduates as thoughtful, informed citizens of planet Earth. Understanding the complexity of a sustainable Earth and how each individual on this planet contributes towards this goal is the vision of our sustainability curriculum. 

Sustainability and 21st Century Citizenship

A 21st Century Citizen is intimately linked to service to others and this planet, diversity and understanding how individual decisions impact all peoples and living organisms, and the complexities of a growing global community of diverse cultures and economies. Making good environmental decisions this century will set the path humanity takes; we have choices, and to be informed is critical.

Students and Sustainability

We face an array of serious environmental concerns and The Bishop’s School believes in empowering the next generation to become creative problem-solvers, seeking solutions and rising to the challenges the future will bring. Our students explore how personal choices effect local and global environments and how individual choices, voices and actions directly affect biodiversity, natural resource degradation, global economies and social justice. 
In partnership with our Global Education curriculum, Bishop's students interested in sustainability and conservation can participate and travel on spring break trips to biodiverse hotspots. Past trips have included the Galapagos Islands/Ecuadorian Amazon basin trip to experience the vast complexities of diverse flora, fauna and indigenous cultures, Fiji and it's diverse marine and island ecosystems and Bali, Indonesia to experience the unique island diversity, and learn first hand the impact humans have on a fragile island ecosystem. Students who traveled to Bali planted mangrove trees to offset their carbon footprint, collected trash on a satellite island marine and wildlife sanctuary and experienced a rich Hindu culture while reflecting about the repercussions of 21st century habits and overpopulation on a small island.

As service learning is a major component of the Bishop’s experience and environmental stewardship, students are presented with the opportunity to join and/or form environmentally conscious clubs. The Green Campus Initiative – a student-run group – works to educate our community about environmental responsibility through activities and informative programs on campus.

Sustainability on Campus

Solar paneling is installed on several buildings, allowing us to take advantage of the Southern California sun to provide renewable energy. LED lighting has also been installed at a number of sites to improve efficiency.
Bishop’s continues, in earnest, to reduce water consumption, use little gas and reduce waste. 
“What’s the use of a house if you don’t have a decent planet to put it on?" – Henry David Thoreau
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