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Message from the Head of School

Head of School Ron Kim plays football on the quad with middle school students


In the spring, I meet with every senior advisory over a series of lunches to learn about the experience that the students had during their time at Bishop’s. Over turkey sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies, the seniors pull questions from a jar that then prompts a free-flowing conversation. Their camaraderie is wonderful to witness. They take turns speaking without prompting, respecting each other’s views, having learned to leave space for others and valuing collaboration. They agree about most things and then disagree agreeably. They tell stories. They laugh. They literally lean on each other.

I am always struck by their candor and by the wisdom that they have developed over their years together at Bishop’s. They delight in highlights of their time, offer suggestions about what could be better, and their consensus is always that the faculty and staff at Bishop’s have cared deeply for them. Our mission, our vision, our strategic plan and our future is all about the quality of the students’ experience and the teachers and staff who make that possible. It is immensely gratifying to hear the seniors’ conscious gratitude for the people at Bishop’s who guided them through their formative adolescent years. 

We want everyone to know what makes a Bishop’s education the standard of excellence. We believe that academic excellence is built upon a foundation of well-being and belonging, nurtured by adults who understand adolescent learning and development, and reinforced by a sense of purpose. Our goal is for our students to Achieve Well, to have our students say what the seniors told me during their final spring—that they achieved more than they had imagined because they felt loved and supported and challenged.

Thank you for visiting. I hope to see you soon. 


Ron Kim
Head of School